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How we made $1 845 000 value with Google ads for a Real Estate Agency in 3 months

[ case ]

How we made
$ 1 845 000 value with Google ads for a Real Estate Agency in 3 months

Real Estate Agency
AED 17 927,2 / $4880,62
qualified leads
AED 174,69/ $47,56
CPL qualified
The company makes products for women's health



  • creation of branding
  • creation of the Instagram account
  • working on design for the account including logo
  • creation of the strategy with the correct using of particular rubrics for posts
  • building the communication with clients inside of the account

[ who are ]

Our goal was to create the design for the account

[ Content filling ]
In the beginning we had only corporate colors and an old logo. We had no posts and references for it
Minimalistic design with simple and clear graphical elements
Get free personal consultation with speakers
Register: number of places is limited
Get the personal investment plan for 15 years
Register in free widest real estate exhibition
What we made and agreed with the client:

Our advertising tasks were

[ Tasks ]
Creating and testing different audiences
Identification of target audience
Identification of the most stable advertising campaigns for stable weekly traffic on requests

Creating ad banners

[ Banners ]

Our sales funnel

[ strategy ]
Given the placement of the client's product in two of the largest pharmacies in the UAE, we opted to construct the following sales funnel

We developed multiple chatbots tailored to each product, operating in both English and Arabic

These chatbots serve to warm-up the audience and foster product purchases as well as processing leads faster.
direct messsages requests
answering additional questions in chat-bot
get a link with a proper product
pWomen who suffer from vaginal infections and are looking for a solution to their problem
non-target lead

Processing of leads


Our strategy

[ Strategy ]
The decision to target the entire UAE was driven by lower CPM-based approach across a broader geographical scope

Following this initial phase, we tested a wide audience — this hypothesis didn’t bring good results

Then we narrowed down the audience based on their interests, particularly focusing on categories such as pregnancy, health, and wellness.
best working audience:

Results for 1 month

[ Results ]
Wide audience:
26 leads, CPL 13.34 AED (58% qualified)
Audience by interest:
Pregnancy - 30 leads, CPL 16.33 AED (70% qualified)
Health - 212 leads, CPL 10.13 AED (91% qualified)

1 months results

qualified leads
AED 11.11
conversion from viewing to sending a reques
AED 13
conversion from application to qualified lead
cost per lead
cost per qualified lead
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
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