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A short story about our team

[ about us ]

Focus on the client

Most advertising agencies operate by the book, launching boring and non-functional advertising campaigns. We think deeper and act with each project as if from scratch. We do not know how to work carelessly, because a satisfied customer is the main value for us. That is why we are looking for unique approaches for each project, each time coming up with completely new methods in Internet marketing. We want to help your business turn into something special.

We work outside the box

[ about us ]
Our goal is to bring you as many customers as possible. And not just one-time customers, but regulars who will be loyal to your brand and provide you with a stable income. That is why each of our projects is based on the JTBD principle. We delve into your business to understand what your potential client wants and what he expects from your service. Without such an approach, it is impossible to succeed.

We think like a customer

[ We are team players ]
We work together with you, because we want the same thing - to grow your business. Only together we can determine the best ways of marketing your company and achieving the highest goals!
of our company

4 main principles

[ main principles ]

We encourage individuality

Our team consists of professionals and everyone feels marketing in a special way. That is why the main value of WGG is to encourage and take care of the talents of our employees. We believe in everyone’s creativity and believe that this is the only way to create the most effective advertising campaigns, unique content and trend-setting designs.

We are fans of efficiency

We treat each business as our own, so it is incredibly important for us to achieve great results with optimal investments. That is why our team is always looking for the most effective promotion channels for your business. We despise the waste of the budget. Effective advertising is in the DNA of WGG.

We always take responsibility

There is no bad business, there is bad advertising. Therefore, we guarantee the result even before we start working with the client. Responsibility is the fuel for successful work and we have been successful for more than 9 years. For our unsuccessful decisions in promotion, we are responsible not only morally, but also financially.

We always work promptly

Time is money. We are well aware of this and understand that postponing the start of promotion even for a day deprives you of profit. Therefore, we build our work with clients in such a way as to launch effective advertising as soon as possible and bring you results.
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