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How we have made 22 successful apartments deals worth up to 500 000$ for real estate agency in 6 months

Developed: 6 MONTHs
We have analyzed all the marketing materials used by the real estate agency and decided that it is necessary to change the format of advertising. Among the ads in social media, we identified Facebook's lead generation as the main one.

How we've gained 20k+ followers and got 500+ purchases per month for production of car accessories

Developed: 3 MONTHs
Our client had practically empty social media accounts. They wanted to start attracting customers from social media. The automotive content niche is very competitive, but we have chosen the optimal brand development strategy.

How we increased up to 11000 partners for a nutrition company in a couple of months

Developed: 3 months
The client came with a request to attract more people to purchase their products. They had a steady flow of 2-3 clients per day from each target country, but they wanted more.

How we attracted more than 3,700 regular clients for a network of medical clinics

Developed: 12 months
The medical clinic chain had an Instagram account with 127 followers. There was no design or media plan. The promotion was carried out using offline marketing. But we helped to completely change this strategy.

How we've made 8 deals for apartments in Dubai worth up to $400,000 for Real Estate Agency in 3 months

Developed: 3 months
The Real Estate Agency got leads with a price of over $165 by facebook ads and didn't receive any qualified leads. In this project our task we attracted 74 qualified leads from Instagram and Facebook for a luxury residential complex in Dubai in Safa Park.

How we've got 25 millions views on TikTok and 908 leads for dental clinic

Developed: 6 months
Dental clinic has 27 clinics in Eastern Europe. Our customer had used targeted advertising on social media like Instagram, Facebook and PPC-advertising in Google Ads.They wanted to attract new clients from TikTok but their TikTok account didn’t work at all.

How we've got 4,000 leads for $4 for braces treatment to the Dental clinic

Developed: 18 months
Our customer is a dental clinic. The main service is braces treatment. Average bill is about $5,000. They didn't use internet marketing, but we were able to rethink their brand and helped them attract 2,500 clients.

How we've emptied the motorcycles warehouses for 3 promo months

Developed: 3 months
The client came to us with the goal of receiving purchase orders for BRP motorcycles. It was necessary to increase the number of requests and we did it!

How we’ve got more 40 visitors to the opening of the cafe and attracted 805 followers for instagram account in 2 weeks

Developed: 1 month
Nami is a cafe of Japanese and European cuisine of the premium segment. The main goal was to promote the opening, provide a steady flow of clients, increase the awareness of the cafe. We exceeded the goal by 2 times in 2 weeks

How we made $45,000 in two months selling iPhone cases in Lebanon with a $4,000 budget

Developed: 2 months
Our client is an entrepreneur. He has an online store selling cases and accessories for Apple in Lebanon. We helped him not only to set up analytics, but also launched international advertisements that increased our client's profit significantly.

How we've generated 293 leads per 0.39$ for HR Company in Dubai

Developed: 1 month
HR Masters is recruitment service agency in Dubai existing on the market 10 years. They find workers for house positions: nanny, teacher, driver, gardener, housemaid, cooker etc. We've gotten a feedback from our client that all leads are real candidates.

How we received 267 B2B leads worth $4,5 for a Glass factory

Developed: 3 months
We were contacted by the factory "Eva Glass", which specializes in a wide range of glass products such as oil bottles, juice bottles, jars, water bottles and others. Thanks to us, the company will form a base of European businesses that have become their buyers.

How we gained 125k+ followers and got a monthly reach of 1,5 million on TikTok for the appliance store in 3 months

Developed: 3 months
HOLODILNIK.RU is an e-commerce store specializing in the sale of electronics and home appliances. The main goal is to create, fill and promote the brand account on a new platform and we did it!

How we've built sales channel and earned
$1 911 000 for Reproduction and Genetics Agency

Developed: 18 months
Our client is a network of specialized clinics for human reproduction and genetics. We have launched a full-scale Internet marketing, increasing the number of customers, traffic and profits!

How we've earned $3 000 000 in
B2B sector for Copper cable factory

Developed: 6 months
Our client is a copper cable factory with more than 20,000 square meters of storage and production space. Main goals is to promote products on Instagram and Facebook. As a result we attracted 44 clients for factory!

How we've got 20+ leads from big corporations for Design and equipment agency in 4 weeks

Developed: 1 month
Europeum concept - is a company to design and equip office, banking and other spaces of any complexity, has its own production. The main goal is to increase the number of requests for design and furnishing services. As a result we increased profit for our client to 100000$ per month.

How we've earned more than $9,000 for pet food store in 2 months

Developed: 2 months
SUPERPET is the latest generation of biologically appropriate nutrition for cats. The main goal was to Increase the number of unique purchases and we attracted 145 clients!

Development of the HR Brand of the eastern mining company using a content strategy on Instagram

Developed: 10 months
Eastern mining company (EMCO) is a leading producer of energy grades of coal with extraction. This case is a living example of how content can organically attract a new audience

How we’ve boosted account of airline company in TOP-10 Russian airline accounts on Instagram

Developed: 10 months
Nordstar is an airline company. The company has 15 range of routes. The main goal is to establish an effective way of communication with followers on Instagram.

How we got more than 80 clients to the neon signs store in 4 months

Developed: 4 months
Our customer produces and services advertising structures and also creates neon signs for business and home. The main goal was to attract new clients for B2B.

How we've attracted 427 new students to the innovative school in 3 months with cost per student 33$

Developed: 3 months
Our customer is a robotics and programming school for children from 4 to 14 years old. It has 5 locations in Eastern Europe. The main goal was to attract new students to free trial lesson.

How we’ve generated more than 100 leads for the outsourcing accounting company in two months

Developed: 2 months
Our customer is outsourcing accounting for IE and LLC companies. Previously the company did not use social networks and did not advertise there. However, we were able to convince them of the need for Internet marketing and the result did not disappoint them.

How we’ve generated $20 000 profit
for the body wrap online store in 9 months

Developed: 9 months
Our customer sells professional body wraps products for salon and home body skin care with a pick-up point in Eastern Europe.
The company figured out that there was demand for their product. So they decided to increase sales using a new marketing channel and we achieved 305% ROI for it!

How we gained 50k followers for sportswear store "SportDepo" in 6 months

Developed: 6 months
SportDepo - is Russian's largest chain of professional sports equipment. We have built a content strategy that began to bring a stable profit to the company!

How we created the most popular dental blog in Latvia and earned €150,000

Developed: 6 months
Our customer is a dentist. He has a dentistry in Riga, Latvia. His specialty is veneers. We have completely redesigned, created a content strategy and made one of the largest medical personal brands in the Baltic States

How we've generated 2 127 direct messages for 5,58 AED in 2 months for Innsavi beauty salon in Dubai

Developed: 2 months
"Innsavi" is a classic beauty salon, which provides full range of beauty services: from manicure to injections. A unique promotion strategy has helped to achieve the highest results in the beauty field!

How we’ve generated more than 100 leads for the East-European repair company in three months

Developed: 3 months
The main goal was to attract new customers to installation of plastic windows in winter. We helped them make their warehouse empty!

How we’ve earned $188,000 for the embroidered bags online store in 6 months

Developed: 6 months
Our customer is the company producing velvet handmade bags. The main goal was to generate quality traffic to the company's website and to bring back ex-customers using retargeting.

How we got 320 registrations of qualified investors to a webinar for the Investment company in 3 months

Developed: 3 months
The investment company generates value for shareholders by investing in fast-growing companies, earning on dividends from portfolio companies and the sale of assets after their value grows. The Main goal of the advertising campaign was a traffic to the webinar site.
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