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TikTok advertising agency in Dubai, UAE: How to promote business with professionals

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We live in Dubai, we work in Dubai, we know how to work with TikTok to grow business performance in this city

TikTok is the fastest-growing platform in the history of social media. With an intuitive interface and the best recommendation system, it has rapidly become a major social network with the highest engagement rate. That explains why TikTok Ads are getting more and more popular as a tool for promotion.

Our TikTok Marketing Company In Dubai, UAE

[ advantages of Tiktok ]

4 reasons why your business in Dubai, UAE needs TikTok promotion

Low advertising cost

Recommendation system

The best advertising tools

TikTok employs a unique recommendation system to analyze the videos you like and use this information to find the content that's most relevant to you. It also helps businesses customize the targeting in TikTok ads to make sure their promotional videos are actually shown to the right audience.
When it comes to TikTok ads, its usability and functionality allow you to launch a comprehensive advertising campaign for absolutely any marketing purpose and get the first results within an hour.
With TikTok ads, you no longer need a large advertising budget to run an effective campaign. The low competition means that the average bid price is 60% lower than that of more popular Facebook or Google Ads.

Free traffic

As TikTok supports high-quality content, it only takes an ongoing commitment to your business account to get millions of views on your videos. This way, you can reach new customers without wasting the budget allotted.
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best

Our TikTok advertising strategy

[ Strategy ]
First, we take our time to get to know your business and delve into the specifics and values of your company. Further on, it will help us build the strongest promotional strategy and the right positioning of your brand in TikTok.
We can create a TikTok account for your business from scratch or analyze an existing one.
We look closely at your company's background and specifics to determine your competitive advantages in the marketplace.
Studying your business
Setting up your TikTok account
  • Exploring your brand
[ 01 ]
[ 02 ]
[ What do we do? ]
[ What do we do? ]
We have a dedicated TikTok team to create the most engaging and high-quality videos for your account. Meanwhile, our SMM experts will evaluate the current efficiency to optimize the content strategy for better results.
We have a vast experience of using TikTok Advertising for business. What kind of ads should work for a specific target niche? How to find your target audience in TikTok Ads? How to get the best bid price possible? We know the right answers to all these questions!
TikTok Content Marketing

Running a campaign in TikTok Ads
[ 04 ]
[ What do we do? ]
[ What do we do? ]
[ 03 ]
Once we have their weak spots identified, we can make your brand stand out among other companies.
  • Analyzing your competitors
We create a brand-new account and bind it to the TikTok Ads and Spark Ads platforms to increase your account's coverage starting with the very first videos.
  • Creating a TikTok account
Based on your own corporate identity, our designers will choose the most eye-catching solutions for your account to keep the further videos in line with that style.
  • Designing your TikTok account
We will launch dozens of test campaigns to come up with the perfect advertising targets, the most receptive audiences, and the smartest advertising materials.
  • Targeting in TikTok Ads
We'll keep track of the campaigns' daily performance in order to get the maximum number of purchases for the best possible price.
  • Monitoring TikTok Ads campaigns
With an in-house video production specialist on every team, we can bring together everything you need to shoot the user and advertising content, namely locations, actors, and more. Please be sure that quality is our top priority!
  • TikTok content making
Our motion design team can produce video content of any complexity. We know everything about creating TikTok videos worth millions of views.
  • Video editing

Examples of our TikTok advertisements

[ our teasers ]

Our latest results for different businesses

[ our results ]
If you doubt the benefits of TikTok for your business, then at the presale stage we will:
  • hold a joint brainstorm with you
  • show you even more of our cases
  • analyze your business and make an optimal promotion strategy
  • and much more!

Latest blog news

[ BLOG ]
    Amidst all the variety of advertising agencies in Dubai, we are distinguished by our extensive experience in TikTok! Our active utilization of TikTok Ads started from the first days of its existence, long before other marketing agencies found faith in this social media. This gave us a unique chance to grasp the full progress of the platform's development. In the meantime, the direct cooperation with ByteDance Inc. allows us to solve any difficulties in a matter of minutes, thus optimizing the launch and optimization of your campaign. All that to save you time and money!

    Dozens of our employees have worked solely with TikTok ads for several years and now are aware of all the intricacies and innovations related to this advertising tool. We also have expert teams for script writing, as well as photo and video production and editing. The combination of all the above is what makes us really good at creating quality content for TikTok.

    As a company with a strong commitment to its own reputation, we greatly value our clients' satisfaction in getting the most effective traffic and bids with TikTok Ads. Every day, we monitor the performance of each particular ad to see if they can be fine-tuned to get even better results.

    Nothing speaks more for our reputation than your excellent results. And we in WGG have already completed over 300 successful TikTok campaigns.

    Why choose the WGG TikTok marketing agency in Dubai, UAE?

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