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Our agency is located in Dubai, so we know everything about the local market and effective promotion on Instagram in the UAE.
The popularity of the Instagram platform is growing every day, which makes it attractive for any business. Our agency has been helping businesses effectively promote themselves through Instagram for 10 years using modern tools. Our services are not limited to the creation and maintenance of social networks, we offer a full range of solutions that take into account all aspects of promotion on Instagram in the local market. We will increase your brand awareness and attract an audience that is ready to make a purchase. Our team of specialists knows how to achieve stable sales growth by using all the possibilities of promotion on Instagram.

Our Instagram Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

[ our achievements ]

Our experience in Instagram promotion in numbers

> 500
> 120 000 000 $
> 2 000 000
Earned for clients
Designer accounts created
SMM Awards
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
Creating a unique promotion strategy on Instagram
Development of corporate design for your social networks
Professional creation of visual content to increase awareness of your brand (we conduct photo shoots, video shoots, shooting Reels and editing)
Writing selling scripts for videos
Preparation of marketing texts for your Instagram account

Our Instagram Advertising Services

Creating a content plan for your social networks
Launching advertising to attract paying customers
Testing up to 100 different advertising hypotheses to improve results
Purchasing advertising from local bloggers to attract new target audiences
Our team consists of experienced professionals who have implemented more than 500 successful projects. We offer a suite of comprehensive Instagram services specifically designed to increase your brand awareness and achieve the results you want
Analytics of working channels
Creation of reports on the work done
Maintaining accounts in English and Arabic

Which business is suitable for promoting on Instagram?

Beauty and Cosmetic brands

Promotion on Instagram plays a big role for the beauty industry and cosmetic brands. Brands can clearly showcase their products and services, communicate benefits, and share results. With highly relevant Instagram ads and quality content, you can attract a huge number of new customers who are interested in your product and service.

Real estate agencies

With high-quality and expert content on Instagram, you can gain the trust of many potential clients who are looking to purchase real estate.
Using professional photographs and virtual tours, you can showcase properties and interior design, attracting potential home buyers or investors.

E-commerce business

Instagram was created for e-commerce brands. Thanks to Instagram Shopping, you can create a store on your account. Instagram Shopping makes it easy for people to buy your product on Instagram. From unboxing videos to user reviews, you can increase customer trust and increase sales by at least 2 times.

Cafes and restaurants

Instagram is an effective platform for cafes and restaurants. This platform has the highest consumption of visual content. Restaurants, cafes and food bloggers can attract new customers to your establishment by sharing delicious photos, video recipes and impressions of your establishment. And thanks to detailed targeting, you can run ads to people who live near your establishment and attract more new customers.
[ strategy ]

Travel and Tourism

With its visual-centric approach, Instagram is a haven for travel businesses looking to showcase destinations and experiences. Vivid Destination Imagery: High-quality photos and videos of picturesque locales can ignite wanderlust, compelling users to explore more.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness businesses can share their expertise on Instagram, providing valuable information and inspiration. Use the platform to share fitness routines, healthy recipes, and motivational content. Engage with your audience through live sessions and Q&A sessions to build trust.


By sharing insightful content, industry trends, and innovative solutions, B2B businesses can establish themselves as thought leaders on Instagram. This authority builds a strong reputation and can influence partnerships and sales.

Our Instagram promotion cases

Average CTR
Point A


We chose "lead generation" in Instagram office as the format of advertising, because it is an effective tool for attracting new clients.
Working term: 6 months
17 000 000$
Cost per Order
Total sales
Total Revenue
Attract clients to buy luxury real estate worth up to 500,000$
We've made an audit of the customer's old advertising campaigns in order to save budget for hypothesis testing, analyzed competitors' ads using special services and prepared ads for different properties. We've tested a large number of new hypotheses, used look-alike audiences increasing conversion rates to target leads.
For 6 months of work, we received 22 sales and earned 17,000,000$

The results
Point A


The real estate agency got leads with a price of over $165 by facebook ads and didn't receive any qualified leads.

Working term: 3 months
Qualified leads
In this project our task was to get leads from Instagram and Facebook for a luxury residential complex in Dubai in Safa Park.

We have tested a large number of new
hypotheses and executed campaign optimization, analyzed the competitors' ad banners using special services, prepared ad-banners for the residential complex.

For 3 months of work, we received 320 liters worth $ 17.45, 70 qualified leads and 4 deals.

The results
Request in Direct
Point A


Client came with a request for attracting more people to purchase their weight loss programs. Previously client used boost posting to promote their results and attract more people to their Instagram page. They had a stable flow of 2-3 clients per day from each country they targeted.

Working term: 3 months
99 000$
8 103
Expected revenue
Increase the number of requests.

We chose "Direct messages" in Instagram office as the format of advertising, because it is an effective tool for engaging with clients. Then we analysed the target audience and services of the company and formed hypothesis and offers for our advertising campaigns. We launched Campaigns using certain audience and launched the videos.
Attracted 727 clients for the company.

The results
Average CTR
Point A


Сlient came with a request for promoting the SMAS Lifting procedure, that preserves its effect up to 1,5-2 years after only one procedure.
Working term: 2 months
5,58 AED
127 700 AED
2,35 %
Request in Direct messages
Expected revenue
To attract clients to the beauty salon in Dubai “INNSAVI" with an average check for services of 399 AED.

We launched advertising campaigns for Direct Instagram Posts, we created static and animated ads, tested a large number of audiences, we used simple creativity and duplication of resources to increase the number of potential customers.

For 2 months of work, we received: request in Direct messages: 2127, expected revenue: 127 700 AED.

The results
Active followers
Point A

Network of medical clinics K+31

The network of medical clinics had an Instagram account with 127 followers. There wasn’t any design or media plan. Promotion was carried out by the means of offline marketing

Working term: 12 months
19 200
Number of posts
Creating a unique design for their Instagram account. Preparing a media plan with interesting headings, promotions and a life blog. Building an advertising strategy to attract new customers. Constant optimization of advertising to reduce the cost per application

We have designed an account from scratch using only corporate colors and attracting an audience with informative advertising and special offers. Since the network of clinics has worked in completely different directions, we have prepared various advertising campaigns for each target audience.

We attracted more than 19,000 new customers, more than 800 of them became regular customers. We received more than 3,700 applications for various procedures

The results
Spent money
Point A


Europeum concept - Is a company that designs and equips offices, banks and many other businesses.of any complexity, has its own production. Placements: Instagram, Facebook.

Working term: 1 months
100 000$
1 500$
Became customers
Total Revenue
The main goal is to increase the number of requests for design and furnishing services

Use campaign objective "leads" - collecting requests directly from Instagram and Facebook Audience research Launching traffic to the website with conversion into a phone call. We used company's design cases to increase loyalty to the brand and its services.

In 4 weeks we have earned 100 000$ for the client.

The results
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Benefits of promoting on Instagram
in Dubai and the UAE

[ benefits ]
The social network Instagram provides the opportunity to attract potential clients for free, saving your budget. Our team knows everything about promotion in Reels and organizes the development of videos that will bring you from several thousand to several million free views that will be converted into subscribers.
There are many influential bloggers in Dubai with a large paying audience. Collaborating with these individuals can significantly increase your brand trust and increase your sales.
Despite its effectiveness, Instagram promotion can be very inexpensive. Even with a small budget, good results can be achieved, thanks to which even small startups in the UAE can effectively grow their business using Instagram.
Thanks to Instagram's extensive targeting options, you can segment your audience based on different demographics.
Advertising campaigns can be aimed at specific groups based on interests and other parameters, based on an analysis of your target audience.

Organic traffic

Cooperation and collaborations with celebrities

Affordable promotion for any budget

Great targeting opportunities

[ 03 ]
[ 04 ]
[ 02 ]
[ 01 ]
That's someone who takes care of all the graphic content, which implies developing a corporate identity for your brand to be more recognizable on social media. Besides, our specialist can also create eye-catching static and dynamic animations.
[ 05 ]

Effective advertising teasers for Instagram promotion

[ OUR works ]

Our clients love us

[ Reviews ]
  • I’ve been using their services for one month so far and have been truly impressed by the professionalism and support I’ve received. They took the time initially to understand about the business and then started the work. I feel like I have a team behind me that are really driven to help me achieve my marketing objectives. Planning to continue with them.
  • My third month with WGG, and I see a long relation developing with them! Whether in sales, marketing, production, QA or CRM, everyone’s friendly, serious about their work, professional, patient, and kind. It’s also amazing to deal with staff locally, and abroad! I trust WGG with my personal brand, and I enjoy their diversified work.
  • We have been in association with WGG for almost 6 months now and we have been taking their services for running ads. We are happy with their services would like to mention their team is quite adept and professional.
  • WGG impressed me with their remarkable professionalism and their ability to adapt to our brand's vision. They are active listeners, truly passionate about their work. What stood out to me was their impressive speed in organizing, generating, and correcting tasks assigned to each team member. Their efficiency and dedication is truly impressive.
  • I see the fruits of their hard work and very good job working around the clock.
  • Stands out to be an great marketing agency in Dubai!
[ reasons of instagram marketing ]

4 reasons to choose Instagram for promotion

Great opportunities of Ads Manager

Active growth of paying audience

The ability to always be in the client’s field of view

The Instagram audience is constantly growing, which indicates the popularity of this platform. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. By actively maintaining your account and a professional content plan, you can establish closer connections with potential clients and build trust with a large number of users, which will increase the number of new clients and your sales volume.
Even if a person does not need your product right now, thanks to regular posting, you can strengthen trust in your brand and know that they will not forget about you and will take the targeted action in the future. Also, thanks to the active management of your Instagram account and constant reminders about your products, services and new products, a person who is already your buyer will certainly make regular purchases.
Ads Manager allows advertisers to create their target audience based on demographics, interests, behavior and more. The wide functionality of your advertising account allows you to bring in new clients while maintaining your advertising budget and increase the number of targeted leads without increasing your advertising budget.

Increase in average check

The capabilities of the advertising account allow you to track the cost of a purchase made on the site, thanks to which you can optimize advertising for higher receipts.