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Based in the bustling business hub of Dubai, our B2B marketing agency specializes in crafting bespoke marketing strategies for businesses aiming to thrive in both local and global markets. We understand that in the fast-paced, diverse economy of Dubai, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't cut it. Our team of experts, deeply rooted in the local culture yet globally aware, brings a unique blend of creativity, technical know-how, and market insight.

We excel in creating engaging, results-driven campaigns that not only capture attention but also build lasting relationships between businesses. Our expertise in account-based marketing (ABM) and customer relationship management (CRM) ensures that our clients not only reach their ideal customers but also foster loyalty and long-term partnerships.

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We believe in our team
We believe in our team
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the team do their best
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Lead Generation: Developing strategies to attract and acquire potential business clients.
Content Marketing: Creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a clearly defined business audience.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimizing website and content to improve visibility and ranking in search engine results, tailored for business-related searches.
Email Marketing: Sending targeted and personalized email campaigns to business clients or leads.
Social Media Marketing: Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn for networking, brand visibility, and content sharing in a business context.

Our B2B Marketing Services in Dubai

Webinars and Online Events: Hosting virtual events to engage with potential clients, showcase expertise, or present products/services.
Digital Advertising: Using platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and industry-specific sites for targeted advertising to business audiences.
Market Research: Conducting research to understand market trends, competitor analysis, and business customer needs.
Branding and Design Services: Developing a brand identity, including logo design, brand messaging, and corporate branding guidelines.
Public Relations (PR): Managing the spread of information between a business and the public, including press releases and media outreach.
Analytics and Reporting: Providing detailed analytics on marketing campaigns and strategies, assessing their effectiveness and ROI.
Influencer Marketing: Partnering with industry influencers to expand brand reach and credibility within the business community.
Website Development and Management: Building and maintaining a website that caters to business clients, including e-commerce capabilities if applicable.
Video Marketing: Producing and using video content for business marketing, such as explainer videos, product demos, or company overviews.

Our latest cases on B2B promotion

Glass factory


Cable factory

Our client is a copper cable factory with more than 20,000 square meters of storage and production space. Main goals is to promote products on Instagram and Facebook.


Design agency

Europeum concept - is a company to design and equip office, banking and other spaces of any complexity, has its own production. The main goal is to increase the number of requests for design and furnishing services.

Accounting company

Our customer is outsourcing accounting for IE and LLC companies. Previously the company did not use social networks and did not advertise there.
[ Cases ]
The main goal is to grow requests with social media.
The basic logic of setting up the audience was to show ads to two key segments: owners of alcoholic beverages production and owners of wholesale of kitchenware. We showed ads to the audience with overlapping interests after analyzed the portrait of the target audience and the key characteristics of the products.
[ results ]
1 220$
Money spent
Cost per lead
Became wholesale customers
[ results ]
2 000$
300 000$
Money spent
Total revenue
We built a CJM, a media plan and it allowed us to get the following results.
The main goal of the company is to search for long-term contracts and its success can be seen by the following results
[ results ]
1 500$
100 000$
Money spent
Total revenue
[ results ]
2 000$
10 000$
Money spent
Sales pipeline
The main goal was to attract new clients to free consultation.

What is the Difference between a B2B Marketing Agency and a Regular Agency?

A B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing agency specializes in services designed for companies that market to other businesses. Their communication style is more formal and data-driven, focusing on the value proposition and ROI (Return on Investment). They emphasize building long-term relationships and understanding specific industry needs. In contrast, a regular (B2C, Business-to-Consumer) agency targets the general public or individual consumers. Their strategies often revolve around emotional appeal, brand awareness, and mass-market messaging, utilizing a more informal and persuasive communication style.
In B2B marketing, there's a strong emphasis on building long-term relationships and trust with potential clients. This is reflected in continuous engagement strategies and personalized follow-ups. Regular agencies, while also valuing customer loyalty, often prioritize reaching new customers and creating immediate conversions.
B2B agencies often focus on metrics like lead generation, conversion rates in a longer sales cycle, and client lifetime value. Regular agencies might concentrate more on immediate sales, brand awareness, and customer reach metrics, tracking the success of campaigns through different KPIs.
B2B agencies typically leverage channels like LinkedIn, industry-specific publications, and direct email campaigns, focusing on lead generation, nurturing, and relationship management. They often use content marketing, webinars, and whitepapers to educate potential clients about complex products or services. On the other hand, regular agencies often utilize broader platforms such as social media, television, and print advertising, aiming for a wider reach and immediate consumer response. Their tactics are more varied, including storytelling, influencer partnerships, and visually appealing campaigns.

Target Audience and Communication Style

Relationship Building

ROI Measurement and Analytics

Marketing Channels and Tactics

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The content and messaging strategy is notably different between the two types of agencies. B2B marketing agencies often create content that is more information-dense, technical, and tailored to showcase expertise, industry knowledge, and solution-driven approaches. They utilize whitepapers, case studies, and industry reports. On the other hand, regular agencies focus on creating content that is more relatable to the average consumer, often emotionally driven, and aims to create immediate engagement or a quick response.
B2B agencies often deal with products or services that are complex, expensive, and require significant investment, such as enterprise software, industrial equipment, or professional services. Their marketing efforts are focused on highlighting technical features, efficiency, and how the product or service can improve business operations. In contrast, regular agencies market consumer-oriented products or services, which are generally simpler, more affordable, and aimed at improving personal life or providing entertainment. Their focus is on creating desire and emotional connection with the product.

Content and Messaging

Nature of Products and Services Marketed

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[ Reviews ]
  • I’ve been using their services for one month so far and have been truly impressed by the professionalism and support I’ve received. They took the time initially to understand about the business and then started the work. I feel like I have a team behind me that are really driven to help me achieve my marketing objectives. Planning to continue with them.
  • My third month with WGG, and I see a long relation developing with them! Whether in sales, marketing, production, QA or CRM, everyone’s friendly, serious about their work, professional, patient, and kind. It’s also amazing to deal with staff locally, and abroad! I trust WGG with my personal brand, and I enjoy their diversified work.
  • We have been in association with WGG for almost 6 months now and we have been taking their services for running ads. We are happy with their services would like to mention their team is quite adept and professional.
  • WGG impressed me with their remarkable professionalism and their ability to adapt to our brand's vision. They are active listeners, truly passionate about their work. What stood out to me was their impressive speed in organizing, generating, and correcting tasks assigned to each team member. Their efficiency and dedication is truly impressive.
  • I see the fruits of their hard work and very good job working around the clock.
  • Stands out to be an great marketing agency in Dubai!
[ reasons of instagram marketing ]

4 reasons why your B2B project needs digital marketing

Cost-Effective Targeting and Engagement

Expanding Reach in a Diverse Market

Keeping Pace with Technological Advancements

Dubai's diverse business environment is a melting pot of global cultures and industries. Digital marketing enables B2B businesses to tap into this varied marketplace more effectively. Utilizing online platforms extends your reach far beyond traditional borders, allowing you to connect with a broader, more diverse client base. This expanded reach is invaluable in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai, where businesses and decision-makers come from all corners of the globe.
Dubai is at the forefront of technological innovation, and its business sector is no exception. A digital marketing strategy keeps your B2B business in step with these advancements. Leveraging the latest digital tools and platforms, such as AI-driven analytics, SEO, and content marketing, ensures that your business is not only relevant but also a front-runner in the digital race.
The budgetary efficiency of digital marketing is particularly advantageous in Dubai's competitive B2B landscape. Online advertising and social media campaigns offer a higher return on investment compared to traditional marketing methods. They allow for precise targeting, ensuring that your marketing efforts reach the most relevant audience. This precision in targeting leads to more effective engagement and conversions, which is essential for B2B businesses looking to maximize their marketing spend.

Leveraging Analytics for Business Insights

Digital marketing provides access to a wealth of data and analytics. For B2B businesses in Dubai, where strategic decision-making is critical, these insights are invaluable. Analyzing online engagement, customer behavior, and campaign performance helps in fine-tuning marketing strategies, identifying new business opportunities, and understanding market trends.

What is business to business marketing?

[ business to business marketing ]
Business to business marketing, often abbreviated as B2B marketing, stands as a cornerstone in the landscape of modern commercial interactions. This specialized marketing stream focuses on the strategies and techniques employed by one business to communicate and engage with other businesses. Diverging from the B2C (business to consumer) model, business to business marketing emphasizes the cultivation of long-term relationships and strategic partnerships between companies.

In the realm of B2B marketing, understanding the unique dynamics and requirements of business clients is crucial. These clients often seek solutions that not only solve immediate problems but also contribute to their long-term success and efficiency. Therefore, the approach in business to business marketing is more nuanced, emphasizing detailed, informative, and value-driven content. Effective strategies in this domain include creating technical whitepapers, in-depth industry analyses, and detailed case studies that showcase a firm's proficiency and credibility.

A significant aspect of successful business to business marketing lies in leveraging digital platforms effectively. Here, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a critical role. By incorporating relevant keywords, such as "business to business marketing," and optimizing website content, businesses can significantly enhance their online visibility. This is particularly important in the B2B context, where decision-makers often begin their search for solutions online. A strong SEO strategy ensures that when these potential clients search for business solutions, your company's offerings are prominently displayed.

Moreover, in the world of business to business marketing, social media is more than just a broadcasting platform; it's a space for creating meaningful connections. Professional networks like LinkedIn are invaluable for establishing these connections, allowing businesses to engage directly with peers, share insights, and build a professional brand presence.

However, business to business marketing isn't just about acquiring new clients; it's also about nurturing and maintaining existing relationships. Techniques such as personalized email campaigns, customer success stories, and regular engagement through various channels are essential in retaining and growing the existing client base.

The use of analytics in business to business marketing cannot be overstated. By regularly analyzing the performance of marketing strategies and adjusting based on insights gained, businesses can ensure their marketing efforts are as effective and efficient as possible. This continuous improvement loop allows for refining tactics to better align with the evolving needs of business clients.
To sum up, business to business marketing is a complex yet rewarding endeavor. It requires a strategic approach, focusing on detailed and informative content, leveraging digital platforms for visibility, building and maintaining relationships, and utilizing data for continuous improvement. By mastering these elements, businesses can effectively navigate the B2B landscape, foster meaningful connections, and drive sustainable growth.

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