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Real estate advertising agency from Dubai, UAE

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We live in Dubai, we work in Dubai, we know how to attract customers for Dubai real estate

Our real estate advertising agency specializes in the real estate market in the UAE and especially in Dubai. We have been working and improving our skills for 9 years to show the best results and bring profit to our clients. Our specialists have all the necessary certificates confirming their skill level. Targetologists have certificates for working with Facebook ads, contextologists have certificates for working with Google Ads. But this is not the most important thing, because you, as a customer, are not interested in any certificates and years of work. You will be interested in our real estate cases. And we have a lot of success stories and we will proud to add your business to this list.

Our real estate advertising agency In Dubai, UAE

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Why you can entrust your real estate business to us

>13 000
In-house real estate marketers
Years of working with real estate
Sales qualified leads
Successful real estate cases

Your real estate business needs online advertising if you ever answer "no" to one of these questions:

Anyone can run ads and get some leads. But to be a strong player in the UAE real estate market, this is not enough. It is necessary to debug a constant flow of leads, keep it on and gradually scale it up.

Do you have a constant flow of highly qualified leads?

It must be understood that quantity is not equal to quality. For each real estate business, it is necessary to build a unique sales funnel with a complex of various advertising tools and promotional materials. And only then the leads will bring sales. And we can definitely help with this!

Are you satisfied with the number of qualified leads?

It is necessary to keep abreast and constantly monitor the market, otherwise it will not take long to lag behind. Competitor analysis, market audit, advertising strategy adaptation, implementation of the best competitor features to increase sales - we will help with this!

Can you confidently say that your results are better than those of your competitors?

It's easy to sell the most delicious lots, right? But there are always a few villas or apartments that no one wants to take. And your business is wasting a lot of time and resources on these projects. In such cases, it is necessary to implement targeted marketing strategies aimed at selling each specific lot. Yes, it is time-consuming and difficult, but for us it is not an obstacle!

Do you sell all lots easily and quickly?

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More than 81% of real estate buyers in the UAE start their purchasing journey with a online advertising!

Our latest real estate cases

The results
For 6 months of work, we received 22 sales and earned 17,000,000$

We've made an audit of the customer's old advertising campaigns in order to save budget for hypothesis testing, analyzed competitors' ads using special services and prepared ads for different properties. We've tested a large number of new hypotheses, used look-alike audiences increasing conversion rates to target leads.
Attract clients to buy luxury real estate worth up to 500,000$
Total Revenue
Total sales
Cost per Order
17 000 000$
Working term: 6 months
Point A
Average CTR
We chose "lead generation" in Facebook office as the format of advertising, because it is an effective tool for attracting new clients.
The results
For 3 months of work, we received 320 liters worth $ 17.45, 70 qualified leads and 4 deals.

We have tested a large number of new
hypotheses and executed campaign optimization, analyzed the competitors' ad banners using special services, prepared ad-banners for the residential complex.

In this project our task was to get leads from Instagram and Facebook for a luxury residential complex in Dubai in Safa Park.

Qualified leads
Working term: 3 months
The real estate agency got leads with a price of over $165 by facebook ads and didn't receive any qualified leads.

Point A
The results
Sales of 3 apartments and achieving total revenue of 130 600$
We’ve made a landing page with a visual demonstration of all residential complexes; formed hypotheses based on target audience pains; analyzed the competitors; formed the main
unique trade offering which is most valuable for the buyer; run contextual adverts
Apartment sales for residents of the CIS
Total revenue
Working term: 3 months
The client doesn't understand where he can sell and to whom. There isn’t even a landing page
Point A
130 600$
Ilkem yapi
Real estate agency
The results
We’ve generated 109 leads in 3 months
We’ve analyzed the target audience and formed hypotheses for the ads. We’ve set up end-to-end business intelligence system Roistat and call-tracking to analyze leads. We’ve created a quiz and integrated it into the CRM and the analytics systems. We’ve chosen look-alike audiences as the most effective tool for attracting new clients.
The main goal was to attract new customers to installation of plastic windows in winter.
Cost per measurement order
Conversion rate (from lead to free measurement order)
Cost per lead
Working term: 3 months
The company is engaged in various types of repairs, and one of them is the reinstallation of translucent structures from PVC and aluminum interior partitions.

Repair company
Point A
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[ FACT ]
In 2022, the number of real estate agencies increased by 75.7% compared to 2021. The competition is growing and it is becoming more and more difficult to fight for the client. Therefore, it is necessary to use all available channels to attract customers to the maximum.