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We live in Dubai, we work in Dubai, we know how to work with social media to grow your business in this city

WGG advertising agency sets trends in maintaining social media accounts for the largest businesses in Dubai. We understand how important this is for the developing UAE market.

The last decade has been marked by a rapid growth in the number of platforms. Social networks are the fastest and most effective way to communicate with potential buyers and one of the best sources of direct sales. This helps companies to gain a new audience and constantly grow.

We are one of the largest full-service SMM agencies in Dubai, and for 10 years we have been developing effective social media promotion strategies to attract the target audience

Our Social Media Marketing Company In Dubai, UAE

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Our SMM background

300 000 000$
100 000 000+
Earned for our clients with SMM
Turnkey accounts
Advertising campaigns
Won SMM awards in Europe in 2022

What platforms do we work on?

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4 reasons to start SMM promotion with WGG advertising agency

Increase inbound traffic

Guaranteed increase in Conversion Rate

Brand awareness growth

We use the most modern tools and unique advertising strategies that our team is constantly developing. This allows us to get guaranteed growth of metrics for our clients. We know exactly what needs to be done to achieve the best results.
Our team is constantly preparing relevant content for customers so that their brand is always in the field of view of your potential customers. We know how to properly insert SMM using research, analytics and other methods to increase brand awareness.
Our marketers have extensive experience in building a sales funnel, creating a step-by-step strategy that will allow you to bring more traffic to your website or online-store. Our team knows how to turn your accounts not only into a showcase for your business, but also into an effective donor of traffic for sales!

Better customer engagement

We have creative copywriters and graphic designers in our SMM teams, who sometimes create such amazing content that even we are surprised. Of course, the audience also notices this, and engagement and thousands of subscribers in social media appear organically.

Our SMM cases

Average CTR
Point A


We chose "lead generation" in Facebook office as the format of advertising, because it is an effective tool for attracting new clients.
Working term: 6 months
17 000 000$
Cost per Order
Total sales
Total Revenue
Attract clients to buy luxury real estate worth up to 500,000$
We've made an audit of the customer's old advertising campaigns in order to save budget for hypothesis testing, analyzed competitors' ads using special services and prepared ads for different properties. We've tested a large number of new hypotheses, used look-alike audiences increasing conversion rates to target leads.
For 6 months of work, we received 22 sales and earned 17,000,000$

The results
Point A


Client didn't have active social media like Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok was in terrible condition. The number of views on 3 videos before us did not collect even 2k views.The client had no requests from social networks.

Working term: 3 months
24 000+
14 000+
600 000+
Total likes
Total views
Purchase requests
Attract an audience that is ready to make a purchase.

We analyzed competitors in this niche, whose videos collect more views. Preparation and search for recommendations for TikTok video shoots, search for models, writing scripts based on the target audience, analyzed trends, identified problems of potential customers. We shot 30 videos in the first month.

In 3 months of operation, 600,000+ total views, 14,000+ subscribers and 53+ purchase requests.

The results
Point A


The real estate agency got leads with a price of over $165 by facebook ads and didn't receive any qualified leads.

Working term: 3 months
Qualified leads
In this project our task was to get leads from Instagram and Facebook for a luxury residential complex in Dubai in Safa Park.

We have tested a large number of new
hypotheses and executed campaign optimization, analyzed the competitors' ad banners using special services, prepared ad-banners for the residential complex.

For 3 months of work, we received 320 liters worth $ 17.45, 70 qualified leads and 4 deals.

The results
Request in Direct
Point A


Client came with a request for attracting more people to purchase their weight loss programs. Previously client used boost posting to promote their results and attract more people to their Instagram page. They had a stable flow of 2-3 clients per day from each country they targeted.

Working term: 3 months
99 000$
8 103
Expected revenue
Increase the number of requests.

We chose "Direct messages" in Facebook office as the format of advertising, because it is an effective tool for engaging with clients. Then we analysed the target audience and services of the company and formed hypothesis and offers for our advertising campaigns. We launched Campaigns using certain audience and launched the videos.
Attracted 727 clients for the company.

The results
Average CTR
Point A


Сlient came with a request for promoting the SMAS Lifting procedure, that preserves its effect up to 1,5-2 years after only one procedure.
Working term: 2 months
5,58 AED
127 700 AED
2,35 %
Request in Direct messages
Expected revenue
To attract clients to the beauty salon in Dubai “INNSAVI" with an average check for services of 399 AED.

We launched advertising campaigns for Direct Instagram Posts, we created static and animated ads, tested a large number of audiences, we used simple creativity and duplication of resources to increase the number of potential customers.

For 2 months of work, we received: request in Direct messages: 2127, expected revenue: 127 700 AED.

The results
Active followers
Point A

Network of medical clinics K+31

The network of medical clinics had an Instagram account with 127 followers. There wasn’t any design or media plan. Promotion was carried out by the means of offline marketing

Working term: 12 months
19 200
Number of posts
Creating a unique design for their Instagram account. Preparing a media plan with interesting headings, promotions and a life blog. Building an advertising strategy to attract new customers. Constant optimization of advertising to reduce the cost per application

We have designed an account from scratch using only corporate colors and attracting an audience with informative advertising and special offers. Since the network of clinics has worked in completely different directions, we have prepared various advertising campaigns for each target audience.

We attracted more than 19,000 new customers, more than 800 of them became regular customers. We received more than 3,700 applications for various procedures

The results
Spent money
Point A


Europeum concept - Is a company that designs and equips offices, banks and many other businesses.of any complexity, has its own production. Placements: Instagram, Facebook.

Working term: 1 months
100 000$
1 500$
Became customers
Total Revenue
The main goal is to increase the number of requests for design and furnishing services

Use campaign objective "leads" - collecting requests directly from Instagram and Facebook Audience research Launching traffic to the website with conversion into a phone call. We used company's design cases to increase loyalty to the brand and its services.

In 4 weeks we have earned 100 000$ for the client.

The results
Point A
The client doesn't understand where he can sell and to whom. There isn’t even a landing page
Working term: 3 months
130 600$
Total revenue
Apartment sales for residents of the CIS
We’ve made a landing page with a visual demonstration of all residential complexes; formed hypotheses based on target audience pains; analyzed the competitors; formed the main
unique trade offering which is most valuable for the buyer; run contextual adverts
Sales of 3 apartments and achieving total revenue of 130 600$
The results

Ilkem yapi
Real estate agency

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Our SMM work process

Studying competitors

To build an effective SMM strategy, you need to know what your competitors are doing on social media. Our team uses the most modern analytical platforms to study the activities of competitors in social networks, and determine the most successful approaches to business promotion in your field.

Strategy building

We develop a strategy based not only on the successes of your competitors, but also on our experience and the best cases in your field. We know how to build the most optimal strategy that will be the best for your business and will lead to multiple sales growth.

Content grid creating

Content planning on social media is vital for SMM. In our SMM agency in Dubai, we create a content calendar for each account on each social network to avoid the release of irrelevant or low-quality content.

Content and advertising materials design

Stylish design is important to attract the attention of a wider audience on social networks. We have designers who have experience in developing motion design and static content that attracts the viewer's attention and encourages him to take action.
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Advertising management

Advertising in social media is crucial for modern business. WGG is the leading social media marketing agency in Dubai, in successfully developing advertising strategies, forecasting budget and goals, determining the target audience and increasing brand popularity.

Community management

Community management is key in SMM. We are one of the best SMM companies in social networks in the UAE, which has developed a successful community management strategy, we will select the most appropriate tone of voice, give a unique style for visual and text, work with customer reviews and so on.

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Our SMM services in Dubai, UAE

Every successful initiative starts with a plan. We commence our process by learning about your business, its objectives, and the target demographics. Using this information, we devise a bespoke social media plan that defines the best platforms to utilize, the type of content to curate, and the success metrics to track.
Social media is about nurturing an online community. We not only manage your online presence but also actively engage with your followers, answer their queries, and moderate discussions, ensuring your brand maintains a positive and responsive image.
Alongside organic growth efforts, we specialize in managing paid social media campaigns. We design and execute advertisements on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, using precise targeting to reach your ideal customers and optimize returns on ad spend.
Content is king in the realm of social media. Our team of creatives diligently crafts captivating content, from intriguing textual posts to visually stunning graphics and videos. Our objective is to mirror your brand's voice and engage your audience effectively.

Strategic Social Media Planning

Active Community Engagement

Targeted Social Media Advertising

Engaging Content Development

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We bridge the gap between your brand and relevant influencers within your industry. Collaborating with influencers can substantially boost your brand's visibility, enhance its credibility, and influence consumer purchasing behaviors positively.
Online reputation can make or break a brand. We actively track your brand's social media mentions, respond promptly to feedback, and manage your online reputation meticulously to ensure it remains positive and beneficial.
We strategize and implement campaigns encouraging your customers to share their personal experiences with your brand on social media. This authentic content not only enhances trust but also deepens your community engagement.
Our firm belief in data-driven strategies makes analytics a key part of our services. We closely monitor your social media performance, analyze the results, and use these insights to continually refine your strategy, ensuring you're always ahead in the game.

Influencer Partnerships

Online Reputation Oversight

User-Generated Content Initiatives

Data Analytics and Insights

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In the vibrant ecosystem of digital marketing, social media emerges as a pulsating hub of endless opportunities. For businesses striving to boost brand visibility, establish a loyal customer base, and unlock exponential growth, the deployment of a robust social media marketing (SMM) strategy is absolutely imperative.

Imagine social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, as bustling marketplaces where businesses have the potential to reach billions of customers. SMM can bridge the gap between brands and customers, paving the way for genuine interaction and engagement that traditional marketing methods often fall short of delivering.

What sets SMM apart is its capability to transform businesses into lively community hubs. Through publishing compelling content, addressing customer inquiries in real-time, and valuing user feedback, businesses can create a dedicated tribe of followers. This digital camaraderie doesn't just polish your brand's image but births brand advocates who willingly promote your brand across their networks.

Another often overlooked benefit of SMM is its relationship with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When your content garners social media shares, likes, and comments, it indirectly boosts your website's search engine ranking, thereby driving organic traffic to your site.

An essential facet of SMM is the targeted precision of social media advertising. Businesses can run ads tailored to specific demographics, user interests, and online behaviors. By focusing your ad spend on those most likely to become customers, SMM proves to be a cost-effective and strategic marketing investment.

The cherry on top of SMM's appeal is its data-centric approach. Social media platforms provide in-depth analytics that offer valuable insights into audience behavior and campaign performance. These metrics serve as a guiding compass, enabling businesses to continually refine their SMM strategies for maximum ROI.

To summarize, SMM isn't just a modern marketing trend to follow; it's a dynamic arena to engage with customers, elevate brand awareness, and drive business growth. By sidelining the potential of social media marketing, businesses risk missing out on a goldmine of growth opportunities - a gamble modern enterprises should think twice about taking.

Why should you use SMM for your business in the UAE?


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