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Effective complex promotion of beauty salons in Dubai

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Our advertising agency is based in Dubai and has a deep understanding of the beauty industry in the local market. We will create an attractive image and develop a marketing strategy that will reflect the essence of your brand and demonstrate the level of your services.
We have developed special marketing strategies for beauty salons that increase conversion to booking and increase the number of repeat service bookings. Our agency is proud to have been helping beauty salons find clients for over 10 years, guaranteeing them cutting-edge marketing solutions.
Our team knows how to ensure that your salon's specialists always have a full schedule. We offer comprehensive promotion focused on sales, not just leads. For each business, we develop a custom service package aimed at achieving results with cost optimization.

Our marketing company for the promotion of beauty salons in Dubai, UAE

[ our achievements ]

Our achievements in the field of marketing and advertising

> 200
> 120 000 000 $
> 2 000 000
Earned for clients
Satisfied customers
Marketing Awards
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
We will develop a comprehensive strategy to attract customers at a minimum cost.
We will form the positioning and competitive image of the beauty salon in the Dubai market.
We will create content to attract potential customers (we will design social networks in a unique design, develop a content plan, create visual and text content that will attract paying customers).
We will develop a selling website for convenient recording of potential customers, which will increase the conversion rate to a record by 40%.
We will make professional videos demonstrating the process of your services to attract new customers.

Marketing services for beauty salons in Dubai

We will create Reels and TikTok videos that will bring free subscribers and clients to your business.
We will start working with influencers to increase traffic.
We will launch advertising on effective platforms to fully book your specialists.
We know how to use Facebook Ads to halve the cost per lead.
We will analyze results to evaluate efficiency and return on investment.
Analytics and Reporting: Providing detailed analytics on marketing campaigns and strategies, assessing their effectiveness and ROI.
Influencer Marketing: Partnering with industry influencers to expand brand reach and credibility within the business community.
Website Development and Management: Building and maintaining a website that caters to business clients, including e-commerce capabilities if applicable.
Video Marketing: Producing and using video content for business marketing, such as explainer videos, product demos, or company overviews.

Our latest cases on promotion beauty salons

Innsavi beauty salon in Dubai


Laguna SPA

Сlient came with a request for attracting more people to visit
the salon and achive from them stable profit and revenue


Balinese massage

The main goals are to bring clients to a massage for pregnant women.
[ Cases ]
Сlient came with a request for promoting the SMAS Lifting procedure, that preserves its effect up to 1,5-2 years after only one procedure.
We launched advertising campaigns for Direct Instagram Posts, we created static and animated ads, tested a large number of audiences, we used simple creativity and duplication of resources to increase the number of potential customers.
[ results ]
5,58 AED
127 700 AED
Average CTR
Expected revenue
Requests in direct messages
[ results ]
72 500 AED
14 646
101 449
Spent budget
Messages received
Web-site visits
We built a CJM, a media plan and it allowed us to get the following results.
Thanks to our advertising strategy, we received 99 messages worth 5.06 AED in a week.
5,06 AED
250 AED
Cost message
Average check
[ results in a week ]

Our achievements in the promotion of beauty salons

new customers were attracted to the salon in 3 days
increased the revenue of the salon in Dubai after a month of work
subscribers were attracted in 14 days
projects have been successfully implemented over the past year
Still in doubt? Save your time with a free online consultation. Let our marketing experts guide you through the process of setting up and managing your social media promotion
Get a free marketing consultation for your business

Our clients love us

[ Reviews ]
  • I’ve been using their services for one month so far and have been truly impressed by the professionalism and support I’ve received. They took the time initially to understand about the business and then started the work. I feel like I have a team behind me that are really driven to help me achieve my marketing objectives. Planning to continue with them.
  • My third month with WGG, and I see a long relation developing with them! Whether in sales, marketing, production, QA or CRM, everyone’s friendly, serious about their work, professional, patient, and kind. It’s also amazing to deal with staff locally, and abroad! I trust WGG with my personal brand, and I enjoy their diversified work.
  • We have been in association with WGG for almost 6 months now and we have been taking their services for running ads. We are happy with their services would like to mention their team is quite adept and professional.
  • We have been in association with WGG for almost 6 months now and we have been taking their services for running ads. We are happy with their services would like to mention their team is quite adept and professional.
  • I see the fruits of their hard work and very good job working around the clock.
  • Stands out to be an great marketing agency in Dubai!
[ reasons ]

4 Reasons why your Beauty Salon needs digital marketing

Competitive Advantage

Personalized Targeting

Active Engagement with Customers

Digital marketing tools allow you to target specific demographic data, such as age, location, interests, and behavior. This means you can find the most relevant audience for your salon. Thanks to targeting settings, you can find customers who live near your salon, making them regular clients
Through active management of social networks, you can build stronger relationships with your clients. Communicating with customers on social networks, reviewing your services, and feedback from existing clients can help build trust in your salon for those who are still considering your services.
In a competitive industry, the absence of a digital presence can put your salon at a disadvantage. Digital marketing ensures that you remain competitive and in demand in the industry.

Attracting Free Customers

Thanks to organic traffic, you can attract a large flow of customers absolutely free. Promotion using Reels offers high accessibility, the popularity of Reels among users, and low cost