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Web design and website development agency in Dubai, UAE

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We live in Dubai, we work in Dubai, we know how to create and design websites to grow businesses performance in this city

In the dynamic and competitive Dubai market, having a professional website is crucial for business success. A well-designed website increases your brand awareness by allowing potential customers to easily find you. It serves as a digital showcase, providing the necessary information about your products or services. In a city known for its innovation and rapid growth, WGG helps to gain the trust of local and international customers.

Our Website design Company In Dubai, UAE

[ our achievements ]

Our website development achievements

> 50
up to 250%
People work on each project
Websites created
Years of experience in web design and development
Increase revenue with the help of the website

Our approach to working with your site

  • Communication
    Your success is our priority. We always try to understand your ideas clearly and offer the best website solutions. We conduct high-level communications during all stages of the project
  • Competitor analysis
    We pay great attention to a detailed analysis of competitors. We find your competitive advantages and create the optimal website strategy. We will show your customers why you are better than others
  • Selling design
    We use website design as a sales tool. Just beautiful pictures are not enough for us. We want every visitor to leave with an order
  • Experienced team
    A team of experienced website development specialists will be selected for your site. They know exactly how to make your dreams come true without errors and bugs
  • System integration
    We will connect all the necessary integrations for your website. From WhatsApp and IP-telephony to CRM and payment system
  • Result
    We focus on the result. Business growth, sales growth and brand awareness are what we give to our clients

We create websites for different businesses

Real estate
Restaurants and cafes
Personal brands
Car dealers

Our last cases

Luxury real estate agency corporate website

The luxury real estate agency in Dubai wanted a new corporate website. It was necessary not only to demonstrate their projects, but also to tell in detail about the company and its best cases. Corporate identity was the basis of the design, but we also added a few details that could further show the high level of the company. Thus, we got a stylish and very informative selling website

Medical clinic landing page

The clinic of a famous plastic surgeon needed a new stylish website. The client wanted a healthcare landing page without unnecessary information with high-quality content and fast loading. We researched our client's competitors and were able to identify competitive advantages and create an ideal medical selling website.

Real estate agency landing page

The real estate agency contacted us wanting to get a high-quality landing page where they could showcase their best projects in a specific district of Dubai. We tried to demonstrate the colors of this place and created an aesthetic design that the client really likes.

Beauty salon website

Beauty Salon came to us with the dream of a new website with a delicate design and easy navigation. As a result of a detailed analysis, we came to the conclusion that the salon needs a landing page. We were inspired by the company's logo and took the lines and waves from it as a basis. You can check what we have created by clicking on the button below.
[ examples of websites ]

Investment agency website

The investment company wanted to update its old website by removing unnecessary pages. We have rebuilt the project into a modern and stylish landing page. Using our templates, the client can add new projects without our help in a couple of clicks. Do you want to see the result? Click the button below.

Fitness club website

The network of fitness clubs planned to create an app and the opening of new branches. We were happy to help and created a stylish website using trendy animations. One of the best fitness cases of our agency.
  • hold a joint brainstorm with you
  • show you even more of our cases
  • analyze your business and prepare a plan of your future website
  • and much more!
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[ advantages of website ]

4 reasons why your business in Dubai, UAE needs website

Expanding e-commerce market

Сompliance with Dubai's Smart City initiative

Dubai’s Unique Cultural and Business Environment

Dubai is at the forefront of becoming a smart city thanks to massive investments in digital infrastructure and smart technologies. Thanks to the website, your business can easily integrate into Dubai's smart city initiatives. Participation in this digital ecosystem will not only optimize your activities, but also bring your business in line with the city's prospects, attracting tech-savvy customers and partners.
Whether you offer traditional Emirati products or advanced technological services, the website will allow you to tell your story, highlight your cultural significance and establish contacts with both locals and foreigners. Such cultural interaction can create a base of loyal customers who appreciate the contribution of companies to the diverse Dubai community.
The e-commerce market in the UAE, especially in Dubai, is experiencing exponential growth. With a website services, your business can tap into this booming market by offering online sales and services. This opens up a new revenue stream and allows you to reach a wider audience, including international customers who prefer the convenience of online shopping.

Business Partnerships and B2B Opportunities

By providing detailed information about your business, showcasing your portfolio, and highlighting successful case studies, your website can attract potential B2B clients and partners. It acts as a virtual business card, available to anyone, anywhere, interested in collaborating or investing in your business. This can lead to lucrative opportunities and strategic alliances that propel your business forward.

Our Website development and web design strategy

[ Strategy ]
We collect all information about the client's vision, goals and target audience
We are developing a detailed roadmap for a website project that meets your goals and the needs of the audience.
We hold in-depth meetings with you to understand your business goals, corporate identity and specific website requirements.
Understanding Client Requirements and Audience Analysis
Planning and Strategy Development
  • Client Consultation
[ 02 ]
[ What do we do? ]
[ What do we do? ]
[ 01 ]
[ 04 ]
[ What do we do? ]
[ What do we do? ]
[ 03 ]
We audit competitors' websites to determine industry standards and opportunities for differentiation.
  • Competitive Analysis
We will form the structure of the website, including the main pages and subpages, forming a logical flow of information.
  • Site Map Creation
We will plan the type of content (text, images, videos) that will attract the target audience and contribute to achieving your goals.
  • Content Strategy
We analyze the demographics of the target audience, their preferences and online behavior in order to improve the design and functionality of the website.
  • Audience Research
We will provide technical aspects such as hosting, domain name and necessary integration (e.g. e-commerce platforms, CRM systems).
  • Technical Requirements
We will create a visual representation of the website so that it matches the client's brand and is attractive to the target audience.
Design and Prototyping
We will develop wireframes to map out the layout of each page, focusing on usability and user experience (UX).
  • Preparation of the plan
We will create high-fidelity mockups incorporating the client’s branding elements (colors, fonts, logos) to give a realistic preview of the website.
  • Design layouts
We will present the design to you for feedback and refinement, making sure that the final design meets your expectations and audience preferences.
  • Client Feedback
Creating a functional website and Providing its smooth operation on all devices and browsers.
Development and Testing
We will construct the website according to the approved design, ensuring all planned features and functionalities are implemented.
  • Development
We will add and format all content (text, images, videos) to align with the design and content strategy.
  • Content Integration
We will conduct thorough testing to identify and fix any issues, ensuring compatibility with various devices and browsers.
  • Quality Assurance
[ 05 ]
[ What do we do? ]
Deploying the website and continuously optimize it for performance and user engagement.
Launch and Optimization
We will ensure all content is uploaded, and final checks are performed before making the website live
  • Launch Preparation
We will implement on-page SEO best practices within Tilda to improve search engine rankings and attract organic traffic.
  • SEO Optimization
We will track website performance using analytics tools, gathering data on user behavior and making necessary adjustments.
  • Post-Launch Monitoring
We will provide the client with training and resources to manage and update the website content independently.
  • Client Training
  • hold a joint brainstorm with you
  • show you even more of our cases
  • analyze your business and prepare a plan of your future website
  • and much more!
If you doubt the benefits of website for your business, then at the consultation we will: