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17 ways to increase website sales

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Table of contents of the article


In the e-commerce realm, the buyer is an ever-changing metric:
  • User behavior and preferences are evolving;
  • Customers are frequently switching between apps, messengers, social networks, and websites;
  • Essentially, they are always on the move.
So, how can you encourage users to engage with your offers and purchase your products? Here are some ways to increase with website sales for you to experiment with and find the ones that suit your business.

  1. Offer Discounts and Free Content

In the online shopping world, discounts and offers not only entice customers to make a purchase but also attract new subscribers to your email list. Expand your range of discount offers and free content that is relevant to different segments of your target audience. This method proves effective when sending promotional emails, helpful materials, e-books, and other free and unique content to motivate users to share their email addresses.
For instance, a visitor browsing a course on Instagram marketing might be offered checklists for the proper setup of an Instagram profile in exchange for signing up for our newsletter.
Always remember your customer: What can you offer a potential visitor that addresses their needs? Select the most valuable content from your resources and offer it to them for free.
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2. Develop a Loyalty Program

We aim for users not just to make a purchase but to continue buying. Give your customers the chance to feel valued: offer a loyalty program to those who have already made purchases. Design a system that incentivizes customers to buy more or spend more. There are numerous manifestations of loyalty programs, but their primary function is typically to accumulate points that can be redeemed later.
The online store for example, has an extensive loyalty program where one can accumulate points with every purchase and increase the discount as their total spending grows.
Rewards can be offered not just for purchases, but also for writing reviews, sharing information on social media, reposting pictures mentioning the product brand, and so on.
example of a facebook text

3. Host Competitions

Users are attracted by what they can get for free. Engage more customers by organizing giveaways. However, ensure that the prize is genuinely valuable, something worth competing for.
You can announce the competition on your website or social media platforms. This will attract a larger number of new users and increase your subscriber count. Social media competitions are one of the best ways to enhance brand recognition, gather subscribers, and boost sales.
Principles for hosting competitions:
  • Develop a unique hashtag;
  • Create a video/image teaser for the competition;
  • Produce example posts to inspire users;
  • Moderate comments and interact with participants;
  • Safeguard the rights to use content created by users;
  • Adhere to platform rules and publish competition terms and conditions.
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4. Launch a Challenge

People who join a "challenge" share a common idea. They will likely be receptive to your offers and might consider making a purchase from you, and they'll be more inclined to share your content. At the very least, they will have personal experience with your brand.
A great challenge was initiated by the MIF publishing house. To participate, one needs to share the completed task on Instagram under specified hashtags. This is an excellent way to establish long-term customer engagement with the brand and enhance brand recognition.

5. Develop Cross-Selling

Focus on cross-selling to boost sales volume. Consider what additional products or services you can offer the customer to increase the value of their purchase. For example, for a customer who bought a smartphone, you can suggest a case or screen protector. You can achieve this through retargeting, email marketing, and suggesting related products on the product page.
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6. Showcase Popular Products and Services

If you ask a waiter, "What's your favorite dish?", they'll likely respond with something like, "Our most popular pasta is..." or "Try this... everyone loves it." The recommended dish will be their signature, the easiest to prepare, or the most profitable. Many cafes and restaurants highlight their best and most popular dishes right in the menu. The same principle can be applied in e-commerce.

Imagine you're not well-versed in games but are looking for a gift. On website helps by showcasing top-selling hits.
Display the best products and services across various categories to your users—this will help boost sales.
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7. Create Interactive Support

Customers appreciate when online stores offer guidance to make an informed decision. Consider adding interactive support: chatbots, rating options, recommendation tools, etc. All these will help answer the customer's questions and identify their preferences. Gather this information and use it for future sales or to personalize further communication.
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8. Produce Videos

Short overview or promotional videos can boost sales. Test this idea on a few products to determine if it's worth continuing in this direction and if the format pays off. If it does, feel free to experiment, using new video approaches and formats.
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9. Highlight "Risk Reducers"

It's great when a site features so-called "risk reducers"—features that dispel doubts and help visitors feel more at ease during purchase. These might include:
Free and fast shipping;
  • Guaranteed money-back;
  • Free returns;
  • Secure transactions.

Make sure the above-mentioned information is also stated on the product page. Test the text, design, and the overall page to determine what works best.
A mattress is something one has to get used to. When ordering from the IKEA online store, the assurance that one can return it within 3 months if it's not a good fit, and a 25-year guarantee, are comforting.
Such advantages should be prominently displayed on the product page to catch the eye immediately.

10. Showcase Recommendations for Your Product

Reviews and feedback from real customers work. However, it's even more convincing if the reviews include photos or videos of the product in use. Potential customers will see that your product is popular among people like themselves, making them feel more confident.
example of a facebook text

11. Create Wish Lists

Offer customers a wish list (a list of desired purchases). This is an effective way to motivate those who haven't made a purchase yet. The benefits of wish lists include:
  • Reminding customers of unfinished purchases;
  • Measuring interest in products;
  • Assisting those searching for gifts;
  • Encouraging users to register on the site.
Website visitors sometimes forget about wish lists and half just a step away from making a purchase. This is an opportunity for you to subtly remind them via email campaigns or retargeting.

12. Request Feedback

E-commerce brands attract new clients by gathering feedback and evaluating satisfaction. This can enhance the user interaction experience. In return for feedback, you can offer a discount.
Ask the following questions to find out:
  • Whether customers like your site;
  • If they're satisfied with their shopping experience;
  • How well your store compares to others;
  • How you can continue a successful collaboration.
Typically, such research is conducted in the form of email surveys. The company Spartoo went a step further and offers users the chance to answer questions directly on the site, offering a small discount in return.

13. Send Emails to Those Who Didn't Complete Their Purchase

Automation tools allow you to send messages to customers who have added items to their cart but haven't made a purchase. If a customer leaves a product in the cart and exits the site, send them an email after a while. Show the product again, highlight its advantages, offer consultation, or suggest another product they might like.

Tips for reminding about an incomplete purchase:
  • Use the obtained personal information about the customer;
  • Send the email promptly and don't limit yourself to just one attempt;
  • Include product reviews, ratings, etc. in the reminders;
  • Suggest similar products;
  • Before giving up, try offering a discount.
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14. Automate Your Mailings

15. Support Charity

E-commerce brands can take a cue from the shoe company Toms, whose motto is: "Every purchase has a purpose." Toms has gained a reputation for actively supporting those in need, and their customers appreciate this. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

16. Work with Holidays

New Year's, birthdays, and gender-specific holidays are the most obvious choices. However, you can run festive promotions all year round. Prepare a content plan in advance, taking into account both major and minor holidays. This way, you'll always have a reason to motivate users to purchase.
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17. Engage with Users on Instagram

Instagram is not just for posting and viewing photos. Active purchases are made here:
60% of users discover products and services through Instagram, and 30% end up buying;
The average purchase value is around $65;
Customer engagement is 10 times higher than on Facebook.
An example of how an Instagram account can sell, showcase products, entertain, announce promotions, and display customer experiences:
  • Tips for attracting Instagram users to your website:
  • Organize contests;
  • Post valuable content;
  • Repost user photos featuring your products (user-generated content);
  • Approach the design of the page intelligently, the link to which you'll leave on Instagram.
facebook teasers
Increasing website sales is a blend of art and science. While the strategies listed here serve as a roadmap, it's essential to constantly monitor, tweak, and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape. With dedication and the right approach, sky's the limit for your online sales growth.

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