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Automated Webinars: Pros and Cons of Pre-recorded Online Events

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Table of contents of the article

Today, when time is one of the most important and valuable resources in any business, efficiency plays a key role in achieving success. In such an environment, automated webinars serve as one of the main tools for achieving high productivity and saving time. This is relevant for both organizers and participants.

We regularly conduct events on topics such as website creation, ticket sales, and information products, launching online courses, etc. Of course, our advertising agency WGG tried the format of automated webinars and decided to share their experience.

What is an Automated Webinar?

An automated webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that can be broadcasted online at a scheduled time, creating the illusion of a live event. It is an innovative tool that allows for reaching a broad audience without the need for the speaker's constant physical presence.  You can invite to the webinar on any social networks.

How Webinar Automation Works

Using specialized software solutions, webinars can be conducted and managed with minimal human intervention. With such programs, various stages of conducting a webinar, from registering participants, sending reminders, tracking attendance, to broadcasting the content and interacting with the audience, occur automatically.

Automated webinars utilize pre-recorded videos with all necessary materials, which are then broadcast as if they are live. Different platforms use their specific programs to address this task.

In some applications, there are two options for creating an automated webinar. The first option creates content from a past live webinar. The second option allows for starting from scratch, meaning preparing the script manually and recording the video.

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What is an Automated Webinar Script?

An automated webinar script is a meticulously crafted plan where all elements and stages are automated, including the order of material presentation, timing, texts for presentations, and interactive elements like polls, chats, and discussion questions.

The script accounts for every detail, from welcoming participants to concluding remarks and calls to action. It serves as a guide for both the webinar host and the system that will automatically broadcast it.

Creating a well-thought-out script helps ensure the smooth execution of the webinar, enhances its professionalism, and improves audience engagement.
example of a facebook text

Key Advantages of Automated Webinars:

Time and Cost Savings
First and foremost, automated webinars significantly save time and money as they are pre-recorded and can be reused multiple times. There is no need to regularly hire speakers or seek partners. Automated webinars eliminate the need for live conducting of the same training repeatedly and allow working with a large audience without continuous intervention.

Real-Time Q&A Sessions
Automated webinars enable feedback sessions. This format helps maintain interactivity, which is important for participants. Even if the webinar itself is pre-recorded, moderators can be online to respond to viewer questions and interact with them.

Extensive Analytics
One of the substantial advantages of automated webinars is the ability to collect and analyze data on user behavior during each broadcast. It's possible to track how many people registered for the webinar, how many actually joined the broadcast, and how many stayed until the end.

Additionally, it's feasible to monitor which parts of the webinar were watched more attentively and at which moments there were distractions or even drop-offs.

Disadvantages of Automated Webinars

Certainly, this format has its drawbacks. Let's highlight them:

  1. Lack of Real-Time Interaction: Automated webinars do not allow the speaker to interact directly with participants in real time. This can lead to a reduction in the volume and quality of feedback compared to live webinars.
  2. Dependence on Technology: Automation increases reliance on technology and software. For instance, an unstable internet connection can lead to technical failures during the broadcast.
  3. Outdated Content Risks: In cases where timely provision of the most current information is crucial, a recording can quickly become outdated. It may need to be regularly updated to keep the content relevant, or it might necessitate a return to the live webinar format.
  4. Loss of Exclusivity: If participants discover that the webinar is pre-recorded, the sense of exclusivity may be lost, diminishing its value and often its effectiveness.

Who Can Benefit from Automated Webinars

Automated webinars become a valuable resource for a wide range of users and organizations, including:

  • Marketers and business coaches;
  • Companies and startups;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Speakers and influencers;
  • Freelancers and independent experts, personal brands;
  • HR specialists;
  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Using automated webinars, professionals can expand their influence, dominate their niche, and maintain the relevance of their offerings.


In conclusion, it can confidently be stated that automated webinars open new horizons in efficiency and time management for various fields of activity. They become a powerful tool in the hands of marketers, business trainers, educational institutions, and many others who aim to optimize processes and increase audience reach.

Automated webinars provide the opportunity to engage in real-time dialogue with participants, offer comprehensive analytics, and flexibility in use. All this, coupled with accessibility to a broad audience, makes them an ideal solution for implementing strategic tasks and enhancing educational and commercial potential.

By utilizing automated webinars, professionals and companies not only achieve increased productivity but are also able to offer quality and support at a new level, suitable for the fast pace of life and the high demands of modernity.

And our advertising agency WGG from Dubai is always ready to help you develop your business!


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