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How affiliate marketing helps double revenue

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Affiliate marketing is an approach that helps expand your target audience and increase sales without significant marketing expenses. Our advertising agency WGG explains how working with partners can help reduce costs and double sales.
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Affiliate Marketing and Its Advantages

Co-promotion is a key tool for businesses that allows for substantial reductions in advertising costs and significantly increases the reach of the target audience. This approach is based on collaboration with external partners (affiliates), who receive a commission for each client or deal they bring in. This method enables companies to optimize marketing expenses by delegating product promotion to those who can most effectively interact with end consumers.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool that helps businesses grow and develop in various directions:

— Conversion of potential clients: Interaction with affiliates increases the number of real buyers due to the trust they have with their audiences.
— Improvement of customer retention rate (CRR): Promoting loyalty through special offers and promotions conducted with partners.
— Increase in lifetime value of customers (LTV): Repeat sales and long-term relationships with customers enhance their overall value to the company.
— Brand reputation improvement: Collaboration with well-known and respected partners strengthens brand trust.
— Resource and knowledge exchange: Partnership enriches the company with new ideas and solutions that foster innovation.
— Reduction in marketing costs: Combined marketing and advertising efforts with partners reduce overall expenses and increase campaign effectiveness.

All these directions are effective ways to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve the overall market presence strategy.

Fundamentals of Successful Affiliate Marketing

Effective affiliate marketing requires a strategic approach and a clear understanding of objectives. The primary task is to select partners whose audiences and values align most closely with your business goals. Such goals could include increasing student numbers, expanding audience reach, boosting sales, or enhancing brand recognition. Developing unique tracking tools, such as special links or promo codes, allows for the analysis of each partner's contribution to sales and the optimization of marketing campaigns.
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Brief Checklist for Starting Strategy Development:

— Choosing partners. Select partners with compatible audiences and shared values to increase the likelihood of success.
— Providing unique links or promo codes. This allows you to track results and optimize marketing efforts.
— Advertising products. Partners post information about products on their platforms, which increases brand visibility.
— Joint goals. It is necessary to clearly articulate what each party wants to achieve from the partnership.

Affiliate Marketing Practice

An online school for interior design courses actively incorporates brand collaborations into its marketing calendar, expanding opportunities for both students and partners. Collaborating with leading brands allows the school to offer its graduates unique deals and discounts, thereby deepening their professional experience and enhancing loyalty to both the school and the partner brands.

The scheme for partner collaborations is as follows: partners provide discounts on home goods, furniture, clothing, and interior items. School graduates leverage the opportunity to offer competitive prices to their clients, gaining both customer loyalty and agency fees from suppliers. Brands involved in this experience gain direct access to their target audience.
Here are some of the affiliates and their special conditions:

  • 5% discount on furniture and decor items, joint posts on social media.
  • "Custom Kitchens": 10% discount for designers.
  • 15% discount on home clothing with a special promo code.
  • 10% discount on designer furniture.
  • 10% discount on custom ceramics.
  • Bookmate provides free bookshelves and promo codes.


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