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How businesses use the New Year in marketing

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Table of contents of the article

You don't have to be a large company with thousands of people and millions of budgets to take advantage of the New Year's moment for a PR company, personal brand and strengthening relationships with partners. If you are an entrepreneur with a small team, you can safely get down to business.

The article contains five working ideas + bonus.

1. Summarize the results of the year

Who doesn't do it? And you tell us not only personal, but also open up the inner workings of the business. You can share your files and successful success, numbers, new opportunities and missed benefits.

The format can be different: storytelling in social media stories, an article, video, podcast, or collaboration with another entrepreneur. After reflecting and analyzing another year, highlight the important points. Your self-exploration can be useful for others as well. Check out good example of the year report by Adidas.
Adidas report for 2023

2. Tell your customers about the trends of 2024

At the end of the year, everyone is thinking about what will be relevant next season. If you know the answer, then it's time to tell us about it. Prove yourself as an expert, and many units of trust will accumulate in your personal brand. And if you don't know, you can always interview your friends, collect information and post it in a single material.

When choosing a site, focus on the target audience that you want to reach with such communication. For example, if there are few entrepreneurs on your personal blog, and you want to get feedback from them, then write the material in business media. This way you will get relevant coverage and comments on the case. Or how Vogue fashion magazine talked about the trends approaching 2024.
Vogue trends for 2024

3. Participate in the life of the city and do a good deed

How do you like the idea of running a kindness marathon? You can give gifts to children from orphanages or hospices, and arrange other charitable initiatives.

You can also become a participant in New Year's events in your city. This can be decorating a Christmas tree, organizing a festive procession or sponsoring New Year's events. I cannot say that such activity will get one hundred percent into the regional media and the title of city benefactor will be assigned to you. But this is a big step towards business social responsibility and commitment to ESG principles.
ESG for marketing

4. Conduct integrated activities

Do you run the brand's social networks? Most likely, you have already created creative promotions with New Year's gifts or are arranging a raffle. And I also suggest adding a pinch of benefits to your reputation and ideas to improve it. For example, to participate in the drawing, ask to write a comment or an honest review on another site — Google Maps, Apple Podcast, YouTube and marketplaces.

Don't be afraid to take users away from social networks, this way you will combine sites and get valuable information. And you can increase the rating.

5. Introduce customers to your team

There are people behind every brand. So what's not a reason to introduce customers to those who are working on the product on a holiday?

For example, you can record a New Year's greeting from your friendly team. How to deliver it? This can be an email newsletter, a QR code on a product or on a postcard that can be attached to a completed order. This communication will show you a new side, humanize the brand and make you closer.
Introducing of team

6. Bonus: strengthen relationships with the team and business partners

It's not exactly PR, but it's still an idea about communication. The New Year is a powerful occasion to rally the team and strengthen business ties. Someone says that giving gifts is much more pleasant than receiving them. You can check it out quite budget-wise and see how much the corporate atmosphere has improved.

What to give? Yes, whatever your heart desires: from postcards and standard gifts to the general celebration of the holiday in karaoke. You can work hard, as large companies do, and prepare limited-edition boxes with the brand logo. For example, your employee can be warmed by this harsh winter not only by the listed salary, but by a warm hoodie with the name of your store on Amazon. This is not done for so long, but there is a lot of joy.
With proper design and information, any method above will be a good PR campaign for your business. And of course, the New Year is not the only information period when you can use these ideas. All this can be adapted and used at any time.


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