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How to create content quickly: tips for work

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Table of contents of the article

Let's look at what methods and new technologies will help minimize time and energy to speed up the posting process.

Content helps businesses promote ideas, share information, and attract the attention of the audience. Creating it can be a creative and exciting process, but sometimes you have to quickly generate ideas and materials.

The first steps

The first step to creating content quickly is proper time planning. Define specific goals for each task, set priorities, and allocate time between different types of content. It sounds hackneyed, but allocating time is an important step. Since blogging and social media gives results only when playing for a long time, then a serious attitude to work needs to be developed immediately.

The organization of work is also important. Use techniques that will help you focus on the task: create a workspace without distractions, temporarily block pop-up applications or turn off your phone and devote several hours to work without distractions.
First steps in content marketing

How to speed up content creation

Plan your content in advance

Create a plan for the month ahead and use the publication schedule. This will help to avoid haste and ensure the constant availability of content. Now there are many applications to facilitate work, but it is not necessary to use paid services. You can use two free tools from Google: Google Spreadsheets and Google Calendar.

Use templates

Create templates for different types of content (for example, to create images, articles, news reports). For images, use services such as "Canva" or "Supa". The chatgpt neural network is suitable for the text, just check the quality and originality. It's important!


Use automation tools to plan and post content on social media. Services like "Buffer", they will save time.
Buffer page

Ideas from the questions

View the comments of readers. Answers to questions can be a great source material for content that you don't have to come up with yourself.

Share your experience

Tell us what you know well: share your experience or share your personal assessment of the current event. For example, a traditional business owner can share tips from his experience, a blogger can talk about life hacks to attract an audience that he has tried, etc.

Take advantage of the themes of the day

Create content related to current events, holidays and trends. This will have a positive effect on the demand for content. For example, after the release of the movie "Barbie", some gaming channels on YouTube made reviews of a series of games for girls about Barbie. In the wake of universal interest, the topic turned out to be more than relevant.

User-generated content

Maintain interaction with your audience by posting user-generated content, such as reviews, photos, or questions from subscribers.

Combine formats

Mix different types of materials such as images, videos, audio and text. This will make the content more diverse and interesting.

Fix ideas

If you have an idea, quickly write it down in your phone notes. It can be a phrase, an image, or even a short video. Then you can go back and develop this idea.

Use editing applications

Use mobile apps to quickly edit photos and videos to give them a professional look. This is, of course, the "captain's" advice, because schoolchildren can also use photo editors, but it is also impossible not to say this. "Canva" and "FaceApp" are suitable for photo processing. For the video — "Adobe Premiere Rush", "InShot".

However, do not forget that the quality of the content is more important than its quantity. Try to keep a balance between the speed of creation and the value of content for the audience.
Use editing applications

Neural networks for content generation

Neural networks are already widely used to create articles and images. Let's look at some examples for different occasions.

Text generation

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer): GPT chat, developed by the American research organization OpenAI, is capable of generating texts. He is trained on a huge amount of data and can create articles, answer questions, and even program.

Gerwin Al: a copywriting service for creating texts, advertisements, articles, posts, ads for goods and services, etc.

Image generation

GAN (Generative Adversarial Network): GAN consists of two neural networks, a generator and a discriminator. The generator creates images, and the discriminator evaluates them for authenticity. Neural networks are most often used to generate realistic photos.

VQ-VAE-2 (Vector Quantized Variational Autoencoder 2): The model does two transformations instead of one: at the upper and lower levels. Global image characteristics are modeled at the upper level, and local characteristics are modeled at the lower level. It is used to generate realistic, diverse images.
Image generation with AI

Combined approaches

DALL-E: Developed by OpenAI, creates unique images based on text descriptions. For example, a neural network can be given a query "pink cloud in the shape of a hot dog", and it will try to generate the appropriate image.

Midjourney: An image generator using artificial intelligence. It works using a text hint: the user sets a description of the image, and the neural network turns it into an illustration. After generation, the image quality can be "adjusted" using different characteristics.

A warning

Despite the possibilities, the content created by the neural network is far from perfect. Sometimes the result can be unpredictable. It is important to be attentive to possible problems, such as creating deliberately false information or images, as well as maintaining data privacy and security.
Fast content plays a key role in the online world. Proper planning and organization of work, the use of useful tools and automation of the process will help to increase the speed of creation of materials.


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