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How to increase conversion rate: effective methods and strategies for improving advertising performance

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Table of contents of the article

In today's article, we talk about methods for increasing the CR indicator: we have analyzed the stages of advertising analysis, common errors with low CR and how to avoid them, strategies for increasing conversion.

Small business owners are the main part of our agency's clients, whose purpose of advertising is to increase sales and profits. In advertising aimed at promoted sites, one of the most important metrics is CR — this is the Conversion Rate.

Tracking the CR metric is necessary in order to find out how many visits out of the total number of conversions were made.
example of a facebook text
It is important not to confuse CR and CTR.

CTR (click-through rate) is an indicator for determining the effectiveness of an ad: text, images and banners, shows the percentage of clicks to impressions.
In this article, we will talk about how to increase CR from advertising using various methods and strategies. But first, let's remind you about the important points when launching an ad.

Defining the purpose of advertising

First of all, we determine within the framework of advertising what goal we are moving towards:

  • Attracting subscribers to the channel
  • New Leads
  • Purchases and orders
  • Registrations
  • All this leads to increased sales, increased brand awareness, etc.

When the purpose of advertising is clearly formulated, it remains to correctly develop an advertising strategy, and then track the metrics of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Creating high-quality and attractive content

It's no secret that one of the key factors of advertising success is high—quality and attractive creatives. In this case, ads attract the attention of users, bypass the "banner blindness", arouse interest in a product or service, and then motivate to action. As part of our projects, we always use bright and clear images, enticing titles and texts that will attract the target audience.
example of a facebook text

Test, test and test again

Do not forget that each type of advertising has its own effectiveness and can affect the audience in different ways. Don't limit yourself to just one ad format.

Test different advertising tools, in particular contextual advertising is:

  • Banners
  • Photo/Pictures
  • Headings and text
  • Videos,
  • Adjustments, etc.

This will help you choose the most effective format to achieve your goals.
What do we pay attention to to increase CR?

Stage 1 — Working with the site

The easier the customer's path to the purchase, the higher the probability of its completion. In order to find out how the audience behaves on the site and at what stages of conversion a potential buyer "disappears", the promoted site undergoes a full analysis.

There are various ways to simplify the client's path, some of which are:

  • Adding a "Search" button on the site. So that the visitor can immediately enter into the search what exactly he is looking for.
  • Provide the opportunity to make a purchase or fill out the registration form in one click.
  • To save the client from unnecessary filling out of questionnaires
  • Create a FAQ section with answers to questions.
  • Breakdown of products into specific categories with filters.

Here is an example of a successful product card design:
example of a facebook text

Stage 2 — Advertising

Working with advertising also affects %CR. This is competent work with titles and text, correctly selected photos, full-fledged content of the advertisement.

What is important is the display of the product that sells. It is worth analyzing what sells best — the bestsellers of sales. For example, you focus on outerwear, and knitwear is best sold — in this case, it is worth testing more and leaning into a larger category of knitwear. Knowing the strengths of the brand and the most selling positions of the site — and leads to an increase in CR.
An example that is still worth working on and adding clarifying and quick buttons:
example of a facebook text

Stage 3 — Optimization

After the built-up selling ad comes the moment of optimization:

  • Removal of irrelevant sites
  • Replacing inefficient creatives
  • Analysis of adjustments within the company

To optimize, you need to collect statistics on all campaigns. One of the stages of optimization is viewing sites with impressions. The statistics of the sites are viewed, which sites are being shown, what traffic statistics from these sites are. Next, less profitable sites are turned off, with a large percentage of failures and which did not bring results. After this optimization, funds are redistributed to more relevant sites, and thus the CR increases.
example of a facebook text
Optimization of creatives has similar actions, we determine the cost of conversion and the average values of the basket, click, and the cost of the application. When optimizing creatives, the cost of conversions is tracked: where it comes out cheaper or vice versa more expensive.

After optimization, creatives that have brought cheaper conversions remain in advertising, it turns out that we allocate funds to more effective creatives.
There are many ways to increase CR, it is important to test them all and find suitable ones.
The main tools for measuring conversion rate (CR) are in Google Analytics and advertising cabinets of social networks. To track conversion goals in reports, you need to set up CR goals correctly. This requires prior analysis, which can be complex.

In our projects, we track all important metrics, compile detailed reports, share our hypotheses and test them.
Author - Senior Media Buyer


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