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How to increase sales with the help of information traffic

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Table of contents of the article

Online stores have to compete for traffic with large e-commerce projects and marketplaces that are better ranked in search engines for commercial queries. Today, one of the best digital agency in Dubai tells you how to withstand this competition: strengthen your position in search and attract an audience with the help of thematic queries.

Commercial vs thematic queries

When users are looking for answers to questions, ways to solve a problem, or just information on a topic of interest to them, they enter thematic queries into the search bar. For example, "how to choose a backpack for travel" or "the best routes for camping in the mountains."

Commercial queries are related to the intention to make a purchase, so they always contain keywords indicating customer interest: "buy", "price", "where to order". For example, "buy a travel backpack" or "camping equipment stores in Dubai".

What tasks are solved by thematic queries?

The idea of betting only on commercial requests and attracting an audience ready to buy seems logical, but this approach is limiting. This way you will cut off potential customers who are still only studying the information around your products.
thematic queries

Use templates

  • Expanding the audience
Thematic content reaches a wide audience and attracts users in the early stages of their buying journey. Your site will be found by people who are not ready to buy yet, but are already interested in the topic — these are potential customers.

  • Expert positioning
Reviews, selections, and recommendations help build a reputation as an industry expert. When you honestly and informatively disclose topics of interest to your audience, users return to the site for useful content, and loyalty to your brand grows.

  • SEO optimization
Informational content improves the SEO performance of the site. As a result, your online store is ranked higher in search engines. This is important both to attract new visitors and to retain the current audience.

  • Preparing for the purchase
In the articles, you can work out the objections of potential customers, reveal the advantages of products and generate demand for new products for the market.
Sales funnel

How thematic queries increase conversion

Let's imagine that according to the thematic query "the best routes for camping in the mountains", a person who is planning a vacation got into your online store. In the article, in addition to a selection of routes, you have posted links to products for tourism. The user went to the backpacks page to study the offer.

The article seemed useful to the user, the backpacks were arranged in terms of functionality and price. Just in case, he saved the link.

A month later, when it was time to buy everything for camping, the user found the link and returned to your online store to order a backpack.

How to use thematic queries

Commercial queries are usually embedded on the pages of individual products or product categories. But the approach to working with thematic queries depends on the specifics of the online store. Here are some general tips:

1. Form a community around the brand. Create a blog on the site and publish materials in it that contain near—thematic queries - these queries do not directly relate to products, but are of interest to the audience. For example, if you sell women's clothing, your topics are fashion, beauty industry and wellness. Tell us how to style an oversize, what color lipstick is currently on trend and how to restore strength during the holidays. Insert links to products in articles.
Fashion blog
2. Create an FAQ section. Users often enter specific questions in the search bar: "how to assemble a tent" or "is it possible to wash cashmere in a typewriter". The FAQ section will improve the relevance of your content to such queries. Structure the section by main topics, use keywords in the wording of questions and answers, publish clear and concise texts, add graphics or videos for clarity.

3. Monitor the quality of the content. Google evaluates content using E-E-A-T factors. The search engine takes into account a huge number of factors, and all of these factors have different significance. The exact formula for evaluating content is unknown, but it is possible to identify the main characteristics of materials that are highly ranked: these are uniqueness, usefulness, expertise, informativeness and readability.

  • Post reviews, reviews and stories on the site that describe the real user experience.
  • Create content together with experts. Specify the names of the authors, their qualifications, education and achievements.
  • Use proven facts and publish links to sources.
  • Do not overload the text with keywords. Due to over-optimization, the readability and informativeness of the material will drop, and search engines will perceive it as spam.
Example of the best marketing blog
4. Optimize the site for low-frequency queries. A typical mistake is to use only the general queries that users enter most often (high—frequency). Low-frequency queries usually correspond more accurately to the interests of the audience, and there is also lower competition for them, which means that your online store has a better chance of standing out in search results. Optimization for unique queries improves the relevance of content, which increases the site's ranking in search engines.
If you want to multiply the traffic to your online store, blog or media, come to us. We will determine the right promotion strategy for you and help you multiply your traffic.


Author - Senior Media Buyer
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