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How to prepare an effective design for Instagram

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Table of contents of the article

How to start selling on Instagram?

Create a nice visual image

Even at the start of sales, we recommend starting by working on the appearance of the profile, and only then resorting to targeted advertising and other things that attract an audience.

The Instagram market is rich in competitors in absolutely any field. And everyone is trying to stand out with logos and corporate identity.

Have you noticed that it is the first pleasant perception does the page motivate us to subscribe, like or comment, and later buy a product or service? That means the profile has a harmonious and correct design that works!

Looking at this design, you understand that the company, by creating a convenient and pleasant-looking profile with easy navigation through the content, also cares about its customers and subscribers.

Only after you create an account, you can think about the traffic to the page and the launch of ads in Instagram Ads.

We select the color, observe the corporate identity and find an approach to the client

The Swiss artist, art theorist, teacher and father of color theory Johannes Itten once invented a color wheel with which you can find good color combinations. Artists and designers all over the world, who read Itten's book "The Art of Color", do not use the color circle in their work for nothing.

The colors of the corporate identity should not only be combined with each other, but also characterize the brand, forming an associative series about it. If you create and promote a personal account, then the shades that the person himself prefers "come into play" here. Shades that match his style and lifestyle.

The secret: combinations of different color groups and graphic elements will already highlight your account and introduce you to the social media market as a competitive brand and a memorable profile.
A large group of people will easily find echoes of their feelings and thoughts in your individual presentation of content and will follow you, waiting for the next publication.

Colors cannot literally be compared with photographs, they need to be handled in a different way.
And now our advertising agency in Dubai will tell you how to do it.
example of a facebook text

Competent presentation of photo content and interesting use of color. Examples

Clothing stores, food projects and other businesses selling specific products can safely afford to use only photos in their profile feed.

Therefore, we decided to look for successful examples of competent presentation of photo content among the profiles of famous clothing brands. In the following examples, we will see harmonious tapes where each post is noticeable.

The tape is not a mess of different photos, it is a mosaic. Each element of it is important and is able to stand out from others and cause a desire to click.

In the official ZARA account, we see two effects in the logic of posting posts at once: the use of diverse photos and taking into account the color pattern.

The goal: to link the frames of the tape together so that the eye glides over the profile.

Let's start with the diversity of the images. Single and group shots alternate between each other, creating a rhythm.

Color pattern and linear system
Frames of different shades are used, i.e. each collection, which means a new palette of colors, is placed in a separate row. In addition, photos with similar colors are not published side by side.

For example: if two girls with dogs (in the bottom first row) were standing behind each other, they would merge into one big picture. But every post is important to the brand! That's why we see a clear separation here, which distinguishes each publication even with a cursory scroll through the feed.

example of a facebook text
But here, for example, the brand's account was already in monochrome, and the photos are already laid out in a "checkerboard" with an obvious separation of dark and light.
example of a facebook text

Are the contrasts observed? There is harmony in the profile design

Contrasts should always be present in the tape to separate and complement the tape materials. And it doesn't matter if it's a nude ribbon or a bright and flashy one. In addition, contrasts do not allow the feed to bore the user. Contrast tape is always varied.

Photos can contrast not only in terms of light, but also:
1. By color.
2. By cold and warm shades.
3. By additional colors that determine the further style and character of the ribbon.
4. By saturation.
5. By the area of the color spots. The content of a photo is its content. More "airy" frames have a lot of background and few details, they automatically become light. Contrasts to such photos can be pictures with a large number of elements, details, and characters. That's why these two types of photos are often posted together.

The secret: in contrast, the most important thing is to evenly distribute contrasting colors
so that they do NOT touch. Usually, two or more contrasts are used in the tape.
Sometimes even all together.

When the rules of all contrasts are followed, harmony appears in the design.

We highlight the selling posts with a game of light and dark

Another part of Itten's color theory is to take into account the optical effects of color or the magical theory of light contrasts in your work.

The secret: the gray color will seem light to us only when there is a darker gray color nearby.

The post has a light photo. To highlight it, a dark snapshot should be placed next to it in the feed. And vice versa. In a word: we put posts in contrast. This way, when scrolling through the feed, publications will visually separate from each other. Each of them will "express themselves in unison" against the background of the others. Simplified profile navigation is for the client, a certain posting system is for you. It's convenient for everyone.

This is just a lifesaver for those who plan to publish especially important, effectively selling and simply necessary posts in the feed. The optical theory will allow you to highlight them so that the client does not miss them.

Take a look at the popular layouts of Instagram feed posts. Approximately such layouts are easy to get if you translate the screenshots of the tapes of different accounts into the b\w option, and then "blur" each photo to exactly one tone:
example of a facebook text


There can be an infinite number of unique design systems. But they all have two things in common: semantic logic and visual logic, when photos/videos/images form a harmonious and aesthetic ribbon.
Believe me, customers notice the careful approach to the design, remember such profiles and understand: you take your business seriously. Therefore, you can definitely buy a high-quality product or get good service from you.

Our advertising agency WGG will develop for you a unique design of your social networks that will bring profit to your business.


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