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How to promote cosmetology services

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Table of contents of the article

Cosmetology is a competitive business area, and the number of clients and specialists who provide services is growing. How can you take a significant part of the cosmetic procedures market and increase your revenue?

Today we will tell you how to promote cosmetology services. We will list the main ways and give you some tips.

Unique selling proposition for beauty marketing

A unique selling proposition (USP) should be attractive to the client. Try to make the USP more profitable than the competitors. It's good when clients come to you and tell their friends about the clinic.

The components of the USP can be, warranty, price, bonuses, gifts. For example, safe cleaning of the skin for (price) with a guarantee of results.

To develop a profitable USP, study the USP of competitors. Determine what their advantages are. And what can you offer to surpass them.

It is often not possible to offer something fundamentally new or more profitable. Many clinics provide approximately the same services, at approximately the same price. In such situations, use various marketing channels so that the client comes to you, and not to competitors.

Search engine promotion for cosmetology services

Promotion through search queries is effective, but for this you need to have a good conversion site. Or order a high-quality attractive website that will contain information about services, specialists and informational articles. The site should cause a desire to order a service, to buy.

The cost of such a site will be approximately $ 1,500. When accepting the site, make sure that it works properly, and the submitted applications reach you.

Promotion through search queries can be carried out independently, or you can contact specialists.

To optimize the site for search queries, you will need to collect semantics.

After that, create pages for queries, if they are not created. And optimize the rest of the pages for queries.

SEO promotion is not only about optimizing texts, tags and content. It is important to correct errors on the site and increase the number of external links.

I would like to note that if you plan to move through Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can rely on high-quality information articles. With their help, you can advance even in competitive niches.

If you correctly implement the promotion and make a conversion site, then after 6-12 months of promotion, the site will attract applications. For example, you will pay for a year of promotion, and the high positions of the site may remain for several years. Profitable!
seo for beauty website

Beauty SMM promotion

Social media promotion is effective in the niche of cosmetology services. Promotion is carried out by placing advertising records, publishing content in the community, using hashtags, introducing chatbots, and mailing lists. There are a lot of different tools with which you can promote your clinic or your services on social networks.

Various ads and services can be tested in advertising. It is almost impossible to know in advance which creative will attract the attention of the audience and which will not. Therefore, tests are very important.

When conducting testing, it is advisable to conduct tests for various cosmetology services. Not all procedures attract customers through advertising.

Most marketers use photos and videos of procedures in advertising when promoting cosmetology clinics. Demonstration of the results. For example, it can be a skin cleansing procedure. However, do not forget about the laws in the advertising region. There is a possibility that you should choose formats and content more carefully.
smm for beauty business

PPC advertising for cosmetology business

Contextual advertising (PPC) in a search engine attracts customers who are interested in the service. When creating ads, set up impressions for target queries, do not forget to use negative keywords to exclude unsuitable queries.

Thus, the advertisement will be seen by those who are probably interested in the service.

There is a lot of competition in contextual advertising, so it is important to select only the most effective queries for displaying ads, create clickable ads and advertise on conversion landing pages or sites.

Beauty business on Google Maps

Promotion through Google Maps can be an excellent source of attracting customers, often customers are looking for cosmetology clinics nearby, so as not to go far, not to drive.

In order for a profile to occupy high positions in the service, it needs to have a lot of positive reviews and a high rating. In addition, it is important that it be filled in in detail - it contains photos, videos, work schedules, links to social networks. It is advisable to add publications and news to your profile.

If competitors are far ahead, they have hundreds of reviews, it will be difficult to catch up with them. Therefore, you can buy priority positions on Google Maps. Thus, it is possible to bypass competitors with the best rating and a large number of reviews if they do not use paid promotion.

Beauty loyalty programs

You can offer discounts to customers, which will increase depending on the cumulative amount of their orders. The good loyalty program will motivate customers to contact you again.

Creating a loyalty program requires calculations, it is important that the program brings income, not losses. If the developed program does not bring results to the business, it is more profitable to close it, so warn participants about the duration of the program and publish the rules.
loyalty program for beauty business

Beauty blog

Creating a blog can attract additional traffic from search engines and increase customer loyalty. What should I write about in a blog? For example, about cosmetic procedures, about various innovations in cosmetology or about trends.

The development of the blog itself will be more effective if you write texts taking into account knowledge about search engine optimization of text and content.

In addition, you can create a blog on a special website that allows you to publish content. Publishing content on a more well-known, reputable site will allow you to take higher positions in the search.


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