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Marketing Weaknesses: Which audience are brands missing out on

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Table of contents of the article

Audience preferences are constantly changing, and the most important task for successful brand promotion is to know new trends and preferences of your audience.

Of particular interest in this regard is the most important, female audience, as the decision-maker when buying most consumer goods, and especially medicines.

In this article, we will look at how changes in the preferences and behavior of the female audience can lead to significant losses for companies that do not take these trends into account in organizing and conducting advertising campaigns. Let's tell you what new requirements women have for products and services, and why ignoring these changes can be a lost business benefit.

Women 25-40 years old

Today, women aged 25-40 are no longer limited to the roles of "wife" and "mother", as their values have changed. They strive for self-realization, success, pleasure, freedom and independence. Having no family, they make an informed choice not to follow social stereotypes and remain free. Many of them combine their careers with their personal lives, while remaining financially independent. Most are willing to postpone marriage for the sake of career success.

These women strive to manage their time effectively by paying for services and goods that allow them to do whatever they want. They value their time and are willing to pay for managing it, for example, for a quick manicure before an important event or a convenient car repair. According to a study by DeVries and the online community SavvyAuntie, these women spend 35% more on food, and twice as much on cosmetics and self-care products than their married peers. They are looking for new emotions and variety to distract themselves from the constant race for success. However, this sometimes leads to shopaholism.

Transformation of the social status of women after 40+

If 20 years ago a forty-year-old woman was thinking about retirement, now the attitude towards age and the appearance of women after 40 have changed a lot. These women, who are no longer characterized by age, do not consider themselves older and actively make plans for the future, for example, open businesses or decide to have children. Most women claim that the public perception of "middle age" does not correspond to modern reality - most of the respondents feel in their prime, energetic and young like never before.

Business is already actively moving in this direction. Now women over the age of 40 are increasingly representing well-known brands (for example, Ekaterina Klimova for Garnier, Cate Blanchett for Giorgio Armani, Penelope Cruz for Lancome). Now these women are increasingly being referred to as "girls", and actresses after 40 years confidently stay in the rankings of the most attractive women in the world (for example, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston). People between the age groups of 25-40 and 55+ draw motivation, preferences and values from both categories. These women have traditional social roles that are most pronounced, they are confident in themselves, have already achieved a lot and strive to maintain their position moving forward.

Brands need to support the idea that being young, energetic and full of vitality at the age of 40+ is absolutely normal. It is important to help them feel young both inside and out, without going over to the side of the youth style and lifestyle. As models and actresses over the age of 40 become more and more popular, brands still have a huge space to work with ordinary women.

A new outlook on life: women over 55

Life experience and wisdom acquire special significance by the "silver" age. Retirement age for many women is not a reason for rest and relaxation, but, on the contrary, a new stage of an active and busy life. They remain active and strive to maintain their status and importance in society. Aging ceases to be exclusively a burden, it opens up new horizons for self-realization and satisfaction of vital needs.

Meeting a new stage of life with courage and optimism, 55+ women skillfully combine self-care with new opportunities for career and personal growth. They actively engage in sports, monitor their health, communicate on social networks, travel, attend cultural events and learn new skills. Without limiting themselves to stereotypes about aging, they continue to remain young at heart and open to everything new and unexplored.

Adult models are now increasingly appearing on catwalks and in advertising. In 2016, the Oldushka modeling agency was founded in Russia, which represents people over the age of 50. Previously, such models were used to advertise medicines or as extras, but now women over the age of 55 are becoming the faces of advertising goods and services that were not initially focused on their age.

Brands such as L'Oréal, Lanvin, Marks & Spencer, Marc Jacobs, Nars, Mango have already started collaborating with more mature models. Manufacturers, retailers, fashion magazines and online portals noticed the changing interests of this target audience and began to actively support and inspire adult women to remain stylish, beautiful and in demand as never before.
Women in advertising of Marks and Spencer


In conclusion, understanding the unique requirements and preferences of a new female audience is the key to successfully interacting with them. To effectively influence this demographic group, companies are encouraged to use tools and advertising approaches that reflect the values of self-realization, independence and quality of life.

Initially, it is important to create content that resonates with their aspirations and interests, emphasizing the elements of freedom, success and satisfaction. The use of social media and influencer marketing can be especially effective, as these platforms allow you to connect more deeply with your audience and build trusting relationships.

It is also worth paying attention to personalized advertising campaigns that take into account individual preferences and behavioral data, thereby ensuring high relevance and effectiveness of interaction. Services and products offering time savings and improved quality of life should be highlighted as key aspects in advertising messages.

Finally, in order to maintain long-term relationships with this audience, brands need to demonstrate their social responsibility and contribution to issues that concern modern women. This will not only attract their attention, but also strengthen their loyalty and trust in the brand.
Thus, a combination of understanding the values of a new female audience, the use of targeted advertising tools and approaches, as well as demonstrating the social responsibility of the brand will be the key to successful interaction and mutual benefit.


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