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Pros and Cons of Advertising on Telegram in 2024: What You Need to Know About Telegram Ads

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Table of contents of the article

In 2024, an increasing number of projects and companies are favoring the official advertising platform, Telegram Ads. With the growing number of active users on this messenger, Telegram is becoming an attractive platform for promotion.

Working on Telegram today can be likened to the situation in 2018, when a now-blocked popular social network created opportunities for inexpensive subscriber and potential customer acquisition. In this article, we have compiled the pros and cons of Telegram Ads and explained why it is worth considering this channel for promoting projects right now.
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What are Telegram Ads?

Telegram Ads is the official advertising platform on Telegram. If you don't have a paid subscription, you've likely seen short promotional messages in channels urging you to visit another channel or a Telegram bot. Recently, even premium accounts have been given the option to enable advertising.

Who has already embraced Telegram Ads and actively uses it?

Telegram Ads users include businesses from various industries:

Real estate agencies, developers, medical centers, travel agencies, and many others.

Educational platforms and online schools, as well as experts and bloggers, including creators of informational products, also eagerly incorporate Telegram Ads into their marketing strategies. These are projects ranging from small channels with a few hundred subscribers to large platforms with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, covering niches such as medicine, marketing, investment, healthy eating, esotericism, and many others.

Product-based businesses, such as retail, fashion, and furniture makers, have begun to actively utilize the capabilities of this platform.

It is important to understand that the advertising market on Telegram is just beginning to develop, offering numerous opportunities for occupying free niches.
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Advantages of Telegram Ads

Official Platform:
  • Advertising campaigns on Telegram Ads are guaranteed to bring in a clean audience, free from the bots often encountered when buying ads directly in Telegram channels. This enhances the effectiveness of subsequent sales.
Ease of Analysis:
  • There's no need to check channels for fake statistics, which is common when purchasing ads directly. Once suitable channels are selected, they can be used for advertising over a long period.
Independence from Telegram Channel Administrators:
  • Ads are published automatically in public channels with at least 1000 subscribers without the owners' consent, eliminating the need for negotiations and speeding up the launch of advertising campaigns.
Advertising to Competitors' Audience:
  • The platform allows advertising even in channels that usually do not publish ads or do so at a very high cost, opening access to a unique audience and increasing the chances of attracting attention.
Scalability of Advertising:
  • Managing budgets in Telegram Ads is significantly simpler than with direct purchases, thanks to flexible settings that allow for the rapid scaling of successful campaigns.
Stable Results:
  • Telegram Ads provides a stable cost per click and subscription, unlike direct purchases. This simplifies budget planning and effectiveness assessment.
Ease of Ad Placement:
  • The ability to advertise en masse in small channels without direct interaction with admins simplifies the process and makes it less labor-intensive.
Convenient Hypothesis Testing:
  • Telegram Ads allows for testing on small budgets, which reduces financial risks and enables the optimization of campaigns before scaling.
Audience Loyalty:
  • Ads on Telegram are often perceived better, as users of this platform are more engaged and interested in content, making them more valuable to advertisers compared to audiences on other social networks.

Some Disadvantages of Telegram Ads

High Entry Threshold:
  • An initial advertising budget requirement of at least 1500 euros, plus fees, makes the startup costs relatively high, which could deter small and medium-sized businesses. There was a temporary reduction to 500 euros in April, but the limit was quickly reinstated.
Moderation Challenges:
  • As with any advertising system, moderation can slow down the launch of advertising campaigns and add complexities in the approval process.
Premium Subscribers Do Not See Ads:
  • Users with a paid subscription are completely exempt from seeing ads, which reduces the overall reach of the audience. However, a recent option to enable ads on premium accounts has been introduced, so the audience loss is not as significant.
Lack of Automation from Telegram's Side:
  • The absence of automatic tools in the basic advertising cabinet is more than compensated for by various software and plugins. New software that extends the capabilities of the Telegram advertising cabinet is released almost every month, reducing the load on marketers and requiring less time and effort to manage campaigns.
In summary, we have discussed the pros and cons of Telegram Ads, with the advantages significantly outweighing the disadvantages.
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