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Trends in SMM and Social Media Advertising in 2024

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Table of contents of the article

After analyzing the responses, we identified key ideas that will shape the sphere of social media promotion in 2024.

The Trend Towards Authenticity

“Real” content in the feed enhances the social rating of brands. Authenticity is a key factor that influences audience perception and long-term success in social networks.

Being authentic means sharing real stories, participating in discussions, and posting unedited content. All this contributes to forming an emotional connection with the audience, increasing engagement, and boosting brand recognition and popularity.

In 2024, brands should focus on authentic and User-Generated Content (UGC). The audience expects sincerity, imperfection, and openness. Consumers want to listen to and interact with real people – just like themselves.

Brands should also collaborate with bloggers who can tell honest stories and who have the trust of their followers. This will help to connect more closely with the audience and make it more active on social networks.
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The Era of Content Creators' Popularity

In 2024, content creators who evoke a response and inspire communication, fostering the creation of a community of like-minded individuals, are poised for success. In the long term, brands need to cultivate a sense of belonging among their followers.

An effective strategy will be engaging brand ambassadors. Increasingly, company owners and employees are sharing personal stories, acting as promoters and faces of their product. This contributes to increased sales on social networks.

Additionally, companies are relying on AI-based tools that assist social media managers in developing concepts, writing texts, and generating images. Creating successful content in 2024 involves the use of UGC, quality materials, and neural networks. Consequently, there is a growing demand for specialists who can create internal content for businesses, are adept at storytelling, and use artificial intelligence to optimize their work.

Collaborations are replacing native advertising, and in choosing content creators, the focus is not on the size of the audience but on the quality and authenticity of the content.

2024 – The Year of TikTok and LinkedIn

According to forecasts, in 2024, TikTok and LinkedIn will lead among other social networks thanks to their ability to engage users and their evolving features.

TikTok continues to develop new functions for content creators, advertisers, and regular users, including in the realm of e-commerce and AI utilization. It also remains a leader in short video engagement and as a social arena, thanks to its interesting and authentic user content.

LinkedIn has become a vital tool for business and establishing professional connections. The platform's audience has grown to millions of professionals from various fields, making it an invaluable resource for developing B2B relationships. Additionally, the company is continuously implementing new features that help engage and connect users.
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Experiments with Social Media Marketing Strategy

Previously, success was measured by the number of followers, but now it’s gauged by engagement.
This means that in 2024, experimenting with social media strategy will be conducive to success.

Brands will need to try different scenarios to achieve high engagement rates. In this context, experts advise allocating the SMM budget in a 20/80% ratio for experimental and proven promotion methods, respectively.

Achieving the best results will be aided by A/B testing. With its help, brands can explore new ways of interacting with the audience and different types of content formats. This will help expand reach and find new opportunities for growth.

However, it's important not to forget to consider other metrics for assessing the overall marketing strategy. Algorithms will become smarter, favoring content that motivates people to leave more reactions, comments, and share with friends. Reach and impressions also remain indicators of success, closely linked to achieving brand recognition goals.
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These trends will influence how brands interact with their audience in the coming years, and following them will help stay ahead of competitors in the industry.


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