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Why does a business need end-to-end analytics

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Our WGG advertising agency explained how end-to-end analytics can help businesses analyze metrics and use data to increase sales and save promotion budgets.

Why do we need end-to-end analytics?

End-to-end analytics is necessary in order to understand how customers interact with the brand at all stages of their journey from the first contact to purchase and subsequent support. It allows you to identify the effectiveness of marketing channels, products and services, as well as identify weaknesses in the process of interacting with customers. This makes it possible to improve the quality of service, increase customer loyalty and increase business profitability.
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What does end-to-end analytics look at?

End-to-end analytics looks at all stages of how customers interact with a brand. It starts with when they first contact the brand and ends when they make a purchase and get support after. This helps to see how well a marketing strategy works and where there are problems with how customers are treated.

For example,

it can tell you which channels of getting customers are the best;

which parts of the website are most visited and interesting to customers;

what products or services customers like most;

where there are problems in how customers leave;

which ways to keep customers are best.

It can also tell you what works best for keeping customers.

Key indicators in end-to-end analytics

The number of clicks (CTR) indicates how many users were interested in the advertisement and clicked on the link. However, going to the website does not necessarily mean a sale, so a high CTR does not guarantee the success of the promotional campaign.

The cost per click (CPC) is dependent on the budget allocated for promotion. To calculate the CPC, the advertising budget for a specific tool is divided by the number of clicks.

Target Action Cost (CPA) is a more comprehensive concept than CPC. A target action can be a website request, call, or offline store visit. CPA is calculated using the same formula: the budget for an instrument is divided by the number of target actions (requests, calls, visits).

The cost of purchase (CPO) reflects the overall effectiveness of advertising instruments. The total advertising costs are divided by the number of completed transactions to calculate the CPO.
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How to use analytics reports to make your business better

Analytics can help you like this:

Find out which marketing channels bring the most customers. With analytics, you can see which channels are the best at making people buy your stuff. Then you can spend more time on those channels.

Understand how customers behave. Analytics tell you how customers act on your website. You can find out what they like and what they don't like. This helps you make your website better. Find out what is wrong. You can see where your business is not good enough. It can be in customer service, products or marketing. With this information, you can make your business better.

Reports can also tell you if there are problems with how people use your website. If many people leave the website at a certain point, it means there is a problem with the website or the information about the products. You can fix this and make the website better.Increase customer loyalty Analytics can help you keep your customers happy. Analytics can tell you why customers don't buy things. If a lot of customers leave without buying, it means you need to change your offers and discounts. You can use this information to make better offers and keep customers happy.

Analytics can do a lot of work for you. It can do the work of marketing, sales and quality control in one place. It can talk to different systems, like CRM systems, call trackers, email services, ad platforms and website builders.

How to choose an end-to-end analytics service

All analytics services work the same, but each has its own features. When you choose a service, you need to think about these things:

Integration: More integration is better. The service needs to work with all your other tools. If it doesn't, your data will be lost and you won't be able to make good decisions.

Basic things: The service needs to give you reports about traffic, conversions, and words people use to find your website. It also needs to let you see the data and send it to other places.The more features, the more expensive. Before you buy a ready-made solution, think about what you need. You might not need all the tools or many limits. Remember your goals for using CA.

How easy it is to use: In the trial period, try the interface, see how hard it is to work and how good the apps are.

What else is there: Some CA services have call tracking, CRM, lead catching, testing, and analytics. Think about what your company needs and choose a good solution.

Support: Choose a company that helps you 24/7 and quickly. It's good if they can help you set up an account and connect with other tools if needed.

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