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Xiaomi Ads: how to work with this advertising channel in 2024

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Table of contents of the article

If you haven't tested Mi Ads yet, it's time to do it. The popularity of OEM channels is gaining momentum, and the Mi Ads platform can take an important place in your media plan.

Let's go!

Stage 1: Launch

Starts with the CPI rate (called CPA in the cabinet)

Daily budget: we take 30-50 installations per day at the start as a guideline for determining.
Why you should start with a higher bid:

An Open RTB auction is a real-time advertising sale, a first-price auction.

In simple words: whoever offers a higher bid will get traffic.

It is important at the first stage to enter the auction and start enriching statistics for further optimization.

Do not limit the audience to targeting by interests, audiences

Limit the main targets:

  • GEO: it is possible to configure geo by city, targeting is inaccurate and can seriously cut off traffic);
  • Device version: if your application cannot be installed on a smartphone with a version lower than 8.0, set a limit.

You can start testing 2 stores at once: Get Apps, Google Play

Create different campaigns to continue optimization work directly in groups of different campaigns, this will avoid confusion in optimization.

Traffic may overlap, but already at the start you will be able to understand which store comes in better at the same rates and different publishers may get to the top on different stores.

Stage 2: Optimization

1. If the tracking link is configured correctly, the Publisher ID will be transmitted to the MMR, which we will use as the basis for optimization:

  • allocate a cap on the budget for the placement test (about 30-50 installations);
  • when the cap is reached, we can start evaluating the publisher, disable ineffective ones.

To set up tracking links correctly, it is important to know: Mi Ads does not support dynamic macros for campaign names, groups and creatives, thus the macro values must be entered manually!

Accordingly, the macros Adset name, Campaign Name, Ad Name, i.e. the name of the ad group, campaigns and creatives are prescribed independently! Don't forget that in addition to the click link, you also have a view – make a note on two links.

Example of a correct tracking link Adjust:


Manually enter the name of the campaign:

- campaign=xiaomi_ads

A dynamic parameter that passes publisher ids:

- adgroup={tagId}

Hand-written prescribe the creative:

- creative=icon

The required parameters that Adjust will configure on its own, do not remove them, otherwise the postbacks will not be transferred to the cabinet:


An example of a correct Appsflyer tracking link:******?pid=xiaomiglobal_int&af_siteid={tagId}&c=Campaign1&af_adset=Adset1&af_ad_id={adId}&af_adset_id={adsetId}&af_c_id={campaignId}&af_click_lookback=7d&clickid={ext}&advertising_id={gaid}

2. Bringing out top publishers:

  • as a result of optimization, you will identify the best publishers;
  • put them in separate groups so that they do not “overstretch” the budget, in addition you can set a separate rate for it, adjusting its volume and efficiency;
  • top publishers can be scaled while continuing to test the rest.

3. Additional features:

Narrower targeting can be tested on top publishers, but this may lead to an increase in CPI and an increase in the cost of further events in the funnel

Stage 3: Tracking and re-optimization

Based on my own experience, the Banner and Video formats significantly decrease in conversion rate to paid actions in the application.

Therefore, I suggest testing them in the 2nd stage, after the Icon test.

Stage 4: Testing banner and video formats

The launch of this format is similar to step 1.

Let's go straight to optimization:

in this case, we are adding optimization not only for publishers, but also for creatives;
everything is based on the same mechanics.
If you haven't found your top formats yet, try starting from scratch and testing the steps above. And if you want us to do it for you, then contact us!


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