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7 Mistakes in Social Media Promotion

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Table of contents of the article

Social networks hold immense potential for businesses. However, this potential can only be realized if their management is thoughtful and well-organized. Otherwise, efforts and resources invested in their development and support may not yield satisfying results.

Mistakes in Company Social Media Management

If a company's group is created on social media just for the sake of having a presence, it's very likely that no effective outcome will result from its operation. Many channel authors make the same mistakes:

 Posting Content Without a Clear Objective

When planning to post, always ask yourself: what should consumers do or feel after engaging with this content? Are you aiming for maximum dissemination of the text or infographic? A transition to the website for a purchase? Or to ignite a heated discussion? Publishing content for the sake of content, without a clear understanding of its purpose and the desired target action, is not the best strategy.
example of a facebook text

Infrequent and Unscheduled Posts

Due to the infrequent publications that appear in the group or page completely unpredictably for the user, the target audience begins to forget about the company, losing interest in the platform. There are informal recommendations for the frequency of posting materials for different channels, which are most likely to be effective. It's possible to guide by these and the audience's reaction.

Conventionally, it's appropriate to publish 3-5 texts a day in one social network, while in another, posting videos weekly. The key is for the user to understand when to expect the next publication.

Monotonous Posts and Spam

Some companies and brands prefer to use their social network page as a bulletin board. And they post monotonous posts (for example, product-price), and sometimes repeat the same content many times a day. The calculation in this case may be for more frequent appearance in the subscribers' feed. However, part of them will turn off notifications from a too intrusive community, another part will quickly understand the pattern, after which they will stop going directly to the group or page. Because there will most likely be nothing new or original there.
example of a facebook text

Lack of a Content Plan

To some, creating a content plan seems like a long and labor-intensive process. Therefore, topics for posts are chosen situationally. As a result, content is published for the sake of content (simply because something needs to be posted). It becomes a lengthy process to sit down and generate an idea.

It's far more effective to organize a brainstorming session once a month, working through topics, formats, and the sequence of posting publications.

This also allows for a clearer and more precise tracking of whether set goals are being met, what content and in what volume is aiding their achievement.

Compiling Your Own Media Database. What are the obstacles?

Publications in the media hold a significant place in PR. To ensure that work with the media is as effective as possible, it is important to wisely select publications. How to choose media outlets? How to structure data about them? And how to understand if the media suits you?

Content Without Considering the Target Audience's Characteristics and Ignoring Feedback

Content on social networks, of course, is needed primarily for promoting a company's products and services. However, it should be useful to the target audience, solve their problems, offer solutions to life's difficulties, etc. It's always necessary to monitor which formats and topics have generated the most interest, and to respond to questions and comments.

Lack of Engaging Content

Engaging content helps to form a closer connection between the target audience and the brand, to gather consumer opinions, and to demonstrate attentiveness and respect towards customers.

This contributes to the creation of an active core of subscribers who will later generate content and participate in promoting posts.

Lack of Delegation

Trying to keep everything under one control. If the business owner manages the social networks, this can lead to burnout and a decline in other business matters. Moreover, it's challenging for a non-specialist to keep up with trends that could significantly boost the community's growth and the company's recognition.

Therefore, as the business scales, it's advisable to delegate some duties to a content manager, marketer, SMM specialist, and advertising agency.

When a team works on the project, the fallout of one player from the process doesn't hit the final result as hard as it would if there were only one person responsible for social networks.
example of a facebook text


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