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The main trends in email marketing 2024

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Table of contents of the article

Similar to any marketing channel, email marketing is a dynamic field that continually evolves. Email marketers need to adapt their strategies as mailing list behaviors change and audience preferences shift. Staying vigilant is crucial to maintain the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Customize Your Newsletter for Each Recipient

Increasingly, our clients request personalized newsletters tailored to their target audience, a strategy that makes perfect sense. Such personalized email campaigns tend to be better received. There are two primary approaches to personalization in email marketing: based on purchase history and by the individual characteristics of the subscriber. Let's explore each of these in more detail.

Tailor Product Recommendations to Past Purchases

In this form of personalization, we present products that align with a user's previous purchases. By doing so, we ensure that our emails remain relevant and avoid cluttering subscribers' inboxes. This approach can significantly boost conversion rates as it increases the likelihood of a user making a purchase aligned with their interests.

For instance, when creating an email newsletter for an online art supply store from the ground up, we began by segmenting subscribers based on their recent activity. We didn't want to overwhelm those who weren't ready to make a purchase yet. To achieve this, we relied on data regarding users' purchases within the last 90 days, a crucial timeframe for an online store.
newsletter after purchase

Using this 90-day window, we divided our audience into two segments

  • Subscribers who had made a purchase within the last 90 days received a newsletter that did not push sales but instead provided informational content to keep them engaged with the brand.Subscribers who hadn't made a purchase in that timeframe received a marketing newsletter featuring valuable content to rekindle their interest.

  • Respect Subscriber Preferences to Avoid Annoyance In this approach, we prioritize ensuring that our communication with users occurs at the right time and addresses topics relevant to them. We always seek user feedback and respect their preferences to avoid irritating them with our email campaigns. Timing is crucial—sending emails during lunchtime when users have already checked their inbox is counterproductive. In such cases, users may either forget about the email or swiftly delete it.

To ensure that users provide accurate feedback, we adhere to several key principles

  • Define the purpose of the survey: Understand your goals before crafting questions. Are you seeking feedback, opinions, or preferences? Clarifying your objectives guides your question selection.

  • Use plain language: Questions should be straightforward and understandable to your target audience. Avoid jargon or complex phrases, favoring simpler language and concise sentences.

  • Pose specific questions: Eliminate ambiguity by framing questions to allow for precise answers. For instance, instead of asking, "How do you rate our company?" you can inquire, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our company?"

  • Employ various question types: Use a mix of open and closed questions, rating scales, and more. Diversifying question types provides a more comprehensive understanding of your audience's opinions.

  • Ensure ease of completion: Keep surveys brief with a limited number of questions to respect your audience's time. Consider offering incentives, like discounts, to encourage participation.
For example, in an online store specializing in professional technology products, we prioritize appropriate user interaction strategies. We take into account the right approach to users, the information that benefits them, and the frequency with which they prefer to receive emails. At the same time, we maintain a balance:

For shorter surveys (1-3 questions), we can ask users for detailed answers.For longer surveys (4-15 questions) We allow users to skip questions and simplify answers to accommodate their time and preferences.

By implementing these strategies, we strive to create email campaigns that resonate with our audience, effectively collect feedback and provide a positive user experience.

Improve trigger mailings with smart automation

Abandoned baskets are already a must—have. Therefore, in 2024, smart automation will be introduced more often — improving the usual trigger mailing list, which better adjusts email content to user actions.

An email with an ordinary abandoned shopping cart will offer the user something that he has already seen or is going to buy. Smart automation will go further — it will analyze which category of products or brands the customer was interested in and send an email with this offer.
email automation

Use an adaptive layout so that the newsletter is available to all users

In 2023, emails were not very adaptive for mobile and for a dark theme. This should change drastically in 2024! At least because the requirement for "adaptability" is set by the mailers themselves — for example, Gmail changes the colors of emails if the user has a dark theme enabled on the phone.

Create engaging emails to boost your brand media

Mailing is a great way to deliver content "right into the hands" of the user. How a courier delivers parcels.

But in the age of an overabundance of information, it is very difficult to get a subscriber to click on a link. Therefore, we create an email in which the user will instantly immerse himself — that is, he will immediately start reading.

An easy way is to improve the content of the newsletter: add more interesting information for the user, and not just offer products. This is how the mailing list gets an idea and a style for which the user can open your letter. To make it clearer, I'll give you an example.

Add a personal brand inside the email so that users will remember you

Personal communication in email marketing is only gaining momentum. Therefore, we recommend using this method of engagement if you haven't tried it yet. The bottom line is that the user is sent an email not just by a brand, but by a person who is a representative of the company.

He also talks about promotions, shares news and cheers up readers. It is more difficult to conflict with a living person, it is easier for him to sympathize, which means that the user will more often listen to the recommendations from the mailing list and buy goods.

Entertain the user with gamification to stand out from the competition

So far, few companies use gamification. And very wrongly! It helps:

  • To engage the audience — motivates readers to repost you, leave feedback and even involve friends, for example, to get a bonus, discount, access to the promotion;

  • Increase sales — offer users a promo code, similar or suitable products, or another selling block after completing the game.
As a result, you will stand out with the help of such an inbox mailing list, increase ROI and increase the average check.
gamification in email marketing

Use AMP emails so that the newsletter is always relevant to the user

AMP emails are not new for a long time. Such interactive newsletters allow you to simulate the basis and, after setting up, automatically embed the necessary blocks — for example, current promotions in an online store. This way the emails remain "evergreen" — if the user opens the newsletter in March, then only the March offers will be there.

AMP emails seem to have an unconditional number of advantages:

  • user-friendliness — such a newsletter allows you to organize all content in a readable format — there is no point in text if it cannot be seen on the phone screen;

  • interactive — you can add games, polls and everything that the user can poke and get an answer right in the email to AMP emails;

  • unlike competitors, with the help of interactive elements, each newsletter can be made unique: the more creative you invest, the better subscribers will remember your brand.
But not everyone uses AMP emails - there were some disadvantages.
Now the difficulty of creating AMP emails is that they need to be sent separately with mail services, and to involve layout designers.
Use personalization to increase user loyalty through emails and products that will be most interesting to them. Use smart automation to make a newsletter that will save effort, time and money on your project. Implement adaptivity in emails so that all readers can get the most out of the mailing list.

If you want to find a reliable email marketing company, then contact us.


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