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The opportunities of digital marketing tools in 2024

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Table of contents of the article

According to one definition, digital marketing is the achievement of marketing goals through the use of digital means, data and technology.

Digital marketing is gradually becoming the main tool for promoting and influencing consumer behavior, or rather their desire, or vice versa, reluctance to make certain purchases. Digital marketing makes it easy to obtain information about consumers, quickly analyze it and respond to the dynamics of their requests and desires.

Modern marketing is focused not on the product, not on the needs of the client, or even on the values ​​of the person, but on maximum personalization and quick communication with the client using digital technologies.

Marketing Performance Indicators

Effective use of digital marketing requires in-depth analysis many aspects of the company’s promotion work, including:

1. Competitor analysis
Helps avoid mistakes and activates the search for new ideas for content published on social networks and other platforms designed to attract the target audience.

2. Target audience analysis
It is necessary, first of all, for
using targeted advertising and obtaining a sufficient amount
“leads” in minimal time and costs.

3. Development of a company promotion strategy
Includes building a sales funnel, calculating the advertising budget, increasing awareness, which can be achieved by promoting posts and videos on social networks, and increasing audience engagement.

4. Lead generation
Collection of a database of potential clients and data about them. Lead generation campaigns may be more explicit in encouraging customers to leave their contacts, while regular content created to increase awareness may not have such features and may simply be educational and interesting.

SMM promotion

Let's take a closer look at the various digital marketing tools.

The first tool is SMM promotion. The abbreviation stands for “Social Media Marketing”. This is a set of measures to promote a company in social media and attract audience attention to its brand using social platforms.
The popularity of SMM has grown exponentially following the global surge into the online environment due to COVID. More and more people are looking for the information and products they need not just on the Internet, but on social networks.

Advantages of this type of promotion

People use social networks regularly, while, for example, they will visit a company’s website only when they feel the need for it. With the help of social networks, marketers can artificially create this need among consumers by constantly showing them certain products or services, thereby creating a desire to purchase them. When working well with clients, their loyalty to the company reaches such a level that they not only do not experience negative emotions when they see even openly advertising posts, but are also possibly ready to purchase the product of this company.
SMM promotion includes a large number of aspects and nuances (content strategy, including analysis of competitors and target audiences, thinking through selling, expert and entertainment headings and adjusting their balance, monthly creation of a content plan containing information on the frequency of publications, headings and a more detailed description of the topics of each publication and its format, etc.).

Difficulty of SMM

The complexity of this type of promotion lies in the need to update content (at least once every two days), constantly monitor trends and news that need to be covered in a timely manner to be useful to the audience and provide relevant information, as well as the willingness to constantly create new formats due to high competition social networking market. Account activity analytics (at least once a month) is also an integral part of SMM promotion.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is closely related to SMM promotion. Among professional marketers, targeted advertising is considered advertising that meets one of the two conditions below.
Targeted advertising is placed through advertising accounts of social networks (ads can be shown on social networks or on third-party sites included in advertising networks; it is not necessary to launch an ad to a narrow segment of the audience).
Targeted advertising is configured according to targets, but is broadcast on social networking sites.
Thus, it is an integral part of successful SMM promotion. Of course, the content can be excellent and interesting, and clearly targeted at a specific audience, but a much greater effect can be achieved using the settings of social network advertising accounts. These settings allow you to show content to exactly those people in whom the promoted company is interested. Targeted advertising can be customized based on many aspects, from gender, age and location to people's interests and typical online behavior. As already mentioned earlier
Well, the good thing about digital marketing is that it allows you to track consumer behavior online, even when they don’t know it, and tailor your advertising accordingly.

Contextual advertising

The next digital marketing tool is contextual advertising.

Unlike targeted advertising, this type of advertising is shown to users not on social networks, but on search engines. Working with such advertising requires creating a specific platform, for example, a website, landing page or taplink.
“Contextual advertising is a type of paid advertising that is displayed in accordance with the user’s search query, his behavior on the Internet or the content of the page. Looks like text, picture, video, animation or a combination of these elements.”

Pay Per Click

The main model used by contextual advertising specialists is PPC - this is an advertising display model in which payment is made per click. The abbreviation literally stands for Pay Per Click, which means “pay per click”.

PPC specialists create special quiz forms that require the client to answer basic questions to specify what product or service he is looking for. These specialists also often install lead forms on websites to collect contact information about potential clients, allowing sales managers to contact interested people.

SEO optimization

A well-known tool for improving the effect of contextual advertising is SEO optimization (search engine optimization) - these are measures to promote sites in search engine results, which consists of increasing the site’s place in search engine results for certain queries so that the site appears as high as possible in search results.

The work of SEO specialists includes collecting the semantic core, that is, keywords that help potential customers get to the company’s website, as well as optimizing the site structure to increase the conversion of visitors (if necessary).

While content takes center stage, technical SEO works behind the scenes to ensure websites are searchable and indexable. These include optimizing website structure, increasing loading times, ease of use on mobile devices and secure connections.

Email Marketing

Another digital marketing tool is email marketing (newsletter), the goal of which is “to increase conversion, talk about a specific product and strengthen brand awareness.”

Emails can include information about exclusive offers, industry news, tips, or simply serve as a reminder about the brand. Through email marketing, you can present your audience with exclusive offers available only to newsletter subscribers, as well as share useful collections, current discounts and guides.

Pros of email marketing

  • Cost-effective
Requires minimal investment compared to other marketing methods.

  • Targeted and Personalized
Allows you to run campaigns tailored to specific audiences, increasing engagement.

  • Measurable results
Detailed analytics help you track and improve campaign performance.

  • Increase brand awareness
Regular emails will keep your brand top of mind.

  • Automation
Saves time with automated series of greetings, reminders, and follow-ups.
Cons of email marketing

  • Spam and Delivery Issues
Ensuring that emails reach your inbox can be challenging.

  • Overcrowded inbox
Competing with multiple emails every day makes it difficult.

  • Compliance and Privacy
Requires compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM.

  • Content Creation
Maintaining interest requires high-quality, engaging content.

  • Unsubscribe
The risk that recipients will unsubscribe or react negatively to frequent emails.
Of course, this type of marketing is significantly different from the ones listed above and has many complexities, but for some industries it can be very useful. Through email marketing, you can present your audience with exclusive offers available only to newsletter subscribers, as well as share useful collections, current discounts and guides.

Influence marketing

In the era of digitalization, influencer marketing is becoming a brand promotion strategy, where the key figures are popular bloggers and stars with multi-million audiences on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. The sector has seen impressive growth, increasing tenfold over the past five years, with a return on investment of 5.5 times for every dollar invested.

This type of marketing can bring enormous results instantly, for example, if a blogger with a large audience leaves a link to order a certain product, while demonstrating it on himself in an unboxing format. However, this type of marketing cannot be considered a permanent method of promotion due to its high costs.

Possibilities and limitations of digital marketing tools

The table summarizes digital marketing tools, specifying their capabilities and limitations for practical use.
With the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital marketing tools are becoming even more powerful. They are able to analyze large amounts of data to predict customer behavior and create even more personalized marketing campaigns.
Digital marketing does not stand still, and to stay at the forefront, companies need to constantly explore new technologies, adapt to changes and innovations to offer customers not just products, but also valuable solutions and unique experiences.
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