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TOP 15 content ideas for B2B businesses

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B2B cases

Where to go without them! Cases are the main backbone of the content for B2B businesses. Write articles about each project. Make announcement posts in all social networks of the company. This way you will increase the trust of other potential customers and tell them how cool you did.

It is important to describe the client / tell about the tasks / how it was / how it became / what difficulties there were, etc. This way, the probability of getting into your target audience will be much higher.

Announcements of meetups and other events

Organize meetings of specialists from your field and be sure to cover these events on social networks. The topics of the meetups can be very different: from market trends to plans for the current year.

Everything you need:

  • Come up with an interesting topic
  • Find speakers (the most difficult thing)
  • To come up with an interesting topic
  • The easiest way is to hold online events on YouTube.

Employee Stories in your company

Tell us about those who work for the company. Everyone has their own exciting professional story, everyone can share useful life hacks and tell you about their path. Check out the WGG Instagram page and find more information about our team.

What do your customers say

Check with the support service and sales department for the most frequently asked questions and analyze them carefully. Each question is a potential topic for a post/article. In fact, it is a real storehouse of ideas for content. This way you can write on the most relevant and pressing topics.

Ratings, awards, wins

Don't forget to apply for prizes and awards in your industry. Make a schedule that includes deadlines, sites, the necessary list of documents to submit and the responsible one. Write about all the prizes and awards that you will receive. Tell us about the preparation, what difficulties you faced and how you overcame them. Believe me, this will be very useful material for many companies.

Collections with useful features

Make lists of useful programs, tools, and resources for each area in your company. Each department will have its own list: design, development, smm, accounting, etc.

In addition, it will be very useful to compile ANTI-RATINGS. This topic will be very useful for beginners and will give a good start to the discussion in the comments.

Do not forget to tag official accounts, this will help to increase the coverage of your publications.

Business processes of the company

The most relevant topic for B2B. How do I set up the work of the sales department? How can marketing and sales be linked to increase efficiency? How to rock the affiliate program? Tell us about all these processes. There is no right option here, each company develops according to its own track. It is important to share experiences so as not to get too many bumps.

Difficulties in your process

Yes, yes, we are not talking about hard facts, but rather about growth points. If your company has encountered a problem and successfully solved it, be sure to tell us about it. Perhaps your experience will be useful to someone.

Industry B2B News

Market news, bright events, revolutionary and global solutions, all this will help you increase audience engagement and save you if there are no other topics for content.

Subscribe to several news channels on social networks and other resources. If you have time, read Forbes and other news sites. The main thing is to keep up to date, if the news is more than 1 month old, it's worth looking for more.

Publish news in the form of a list with links to the original source.

Project/Product Updates

Even if you have already written about some cool case, it would not be shameful to write about it again. Tell us about what you have updated, about the results and further plans if the work continues.

Results of the quarter / year

Tell us what your plans were and whether you managed to achieve your goals. If you succeed, it's very cool! Write down how you did it. Failed? Analyze the errors and share your findings.

Reviews of webinars /seminars

Do reviews of high-profile events, even if you did not participate in them.

In addition to cool content, you can build partnerships with other companies. Don't be afraid to tag employees or official accounts, most likely they will respond to you, after which an interesting dialogue will begin. As a result, you will be able to discuss future joint projects.

B2B company services

Write about what you offer customers, what problems you solve, and how your product works. Just don't slip into an obviously selling text. This usually doesn't work and the audience reacts either neutrally or negatively.

What is going on in the market

If the company's resources allow, publish the results of market research. This is usually a very time-consuming process that can develop into a separate direction. For example, in the most useful e-mail newsletter for potential customers.

B2B advices

Banal life hacks are not so banal, unless they are too general. There is a lot of life hacking content, try to specify such material. Watch foreign bloggers, follow popular companies and ideas will appear by themselves.
1. Find 5-10 companies that you admire, analyze their content and think about how to implement something similar. Periodically check their channels, because strategies are constantly changing, as well as topics.

2. Use neural networks wisely. It can be very exciting and informative :)


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