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How we fully automated
E-commerce business and received 50 organic leads

[ case ]
Derwaas General Trade is a B2B e-commerce, helping customers to choose and deliver goods from China. Advantages are trusted manufacturers and own expert system



Сlient came with a request for attracting more people to make sales
Derwaas General Trade

[ who are ]


Launch completely new promotion strategy to increase the amount of clients and start getting requests with our advertising work


[ banners ]

Our promotion funnel

[ strategy ]
  • Messages campaigns. We started message campaigns with offer for the UAE audience
  • Retargeting. Retargeting campaigns for those who was engaged with account, ads, sent messages etc
Branding and retargeting campaign, to remind them about you
META ads: audience looking for suppliers from China
Close objections + Lead to DM: looking through the content - close objections
Lead to DM: banner campaign with offer

First try: not qualified requests

[ banners ]
We started with simple static banners with call-to-action to Leave a message. The number of messages:
24 messages in total
~4 orders in total
So we faced with the problem that we need a new type of hypothesis for the next testing

We decided to organize a Brainstorm session with all of our targetologists to generate new fresh ideas that will help us to gain more messages and make them more quality


Brainstorm results

Turn all type of content to Arabic to increase audience size and it’s engagement
Changing audience interests and using look-alike audiences
More attention to a website with leadform, starting Google Analytics
More Instagram Reels with messages conversion

Results in a week after

  • 101 messages
  • 11 call leads
  • 14.5 AED per message
[ results ]
34 form fillings
Website form

Results in 4 days after launch

104 messages
[ results ]
Cost per Message: AED 5.7

Starting automation progress

[ strategy ]
The company didn’t have enough employess for sorting all messages and leadform invoices manually, so we’ve started an automation progress

Starting automation progress

[ strategy ]
We started with setting up a CRM-system for sorting and visual represenation of lead’s path.
Admiring the fact of lack of human recources, this fact rapidly decrease the time

Starting automation progress

[ strategy ]
Next step was developing a chat-bot, connected to Instagram. The form includes all the information required for call-ready client

  • 7 Question stages
  • Test and open questions
  • Integration with KommoCRM for fast connect
  • English and Arabic version

3 months results

AED 6 813
Spent budget
Messages received
Purchases received
618k impressions x 8,1k clicks
AED 378 ($ 103)
Cost per order
Quality requests
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
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