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How we've emptied the motorcycles warehouses for 3 promo months

The "Formula7" network of dealerships are official dealers of BRP equipment in Moscow.
The average client's motorcycle purchase receipt is $36 300.
We conducted a market analysis using the WordStat service and realized that this brand is premium and popular in this segment.

luxury Promotion for luxury brand

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[ our strategy ]

The client came to us with the goal of receiving purchase orders for BRP motorcycles

Analyzed the demand for the promoted goods
Conducted an audit of the client's websites and made recommendations to increase website conversion
Analyzed the competitors
Formed a financial model with projected values of the cost of the lead (the request for motor vehicles)
Prices for BRP vehicles are much higher than the market. Not everyone who wants to buy a snowmobile has a budget of $36 300.
If we run ads for general queries, we will bring untargeted visitors who are not financially ready to buy.
Therefore, we excluded the general queries (buy a snowmobile, ATVs in Moscow, etc.) and decided to run only for our target audience (ATV BRP, snowmobiles LYNX etc.).

Why would advertising on the BRP brand bring the most targeted applications for a customer?

[ advertising ]
Such queries lead to the hottest audience, ready for BRP prices.

We've prepared ads

[ ADS ]
Money spent

Launched advertising campaigns and got the following results

Requests received
$3 832,38
Cost per click
Request cost

It was necessary to increase the number of requests

We connected dynamic call-tracking to optimize campaigns. Dynamic call-tracking allows you to track which key request came from the call. 97% of motorcycle requests are calls.
[ requests with acceptable cpl ]
We optimized campaigns based on dynamic call-tracking. We turned off non-conversion requests, and increased the rates for those that bring the maximum number of requests. The data collected also allowed for adjustments by device type and by gender-age.
Number of requests

According to the results of three months of work, we were able to reduce the CPL in 2.5 times and increase the number of requests by 80%

Autor - Senior Media Buyer
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