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How we made 440 leads for a company with a tool for brokers in less than 3 months

[ case ]
AED 1 400
AED 28
CR in quality
Our client is a company that developed an interactive map with daily updated information about off-plan real estate projects in the UAE with all the information about them. It focuses on the B2B audience in search of a useful tool for a real estate agencies and brokers desiring to ease and boost their work



The client has a startup business with zero brand awareness, empty instagram account and lack of experience in advertising

So our goals were:
  • Create a selling Instagram account
  • Replace 3000 fake subscribers with real ones
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Bring 456 leads with CR 30% in 4 months
(total advertising budget - 49 000 AED)

[ who are ]

We started from:

[ strategy ]
We added the main usps to the profile header and created highlights so that the user could immediately see all the basic information about GenieMap when going to the account

Since the main goal is to increase awareness of the product - from 60 to 70% of monthly content are selling posts

[ sELLING posts ]

We have introduced the ”Geniemap tools” rubric

[ ”Geniemap tools” rubric ]
In any commercial account, it is important to explain to the potential consumer how to use the product and how to get access to it. For this purpose, we have introduced the ”Geniemap tools” rubric
In static posts, we usually talk about individual tools, and in videos, we demonstrate how to use the platform as a whole

We began recording video reviews with brokers and real estate agency

[ video reviews ]
Potential clients need to see reviews from real people about the product. So we began recording video reviews with brokers and real estate agency partners to publish the main points in stories

We release a digest of updates

[ digest of updates ]
To show subscribers that the platform is developing, we release a digest of updates: every week in stories and approximately once every 3 weeks in posts

We also publish educational content

[ Educational content ]
To ensure that the account attracts not only new users but also retains existing ones, we also publish educational content that may be useful to brokers and real estate agency owners

Even in the B2B segment, there is a room for humor

[ humor content ]
Even in the B2B segment, there is a room for humor. It attracts the attention of the audience and allows them to become interested in the product through positive emotions
Therefore, in addition to expert videos, we record original humorous videos, add dynamic frames to attract attention and adapt trends
[ targeted advertising ]

As far as the client did not have a website in the beginning, we spent the first month doing post promotion

ENGAGEMENT was chosen as the main objective for both post and reel promotion. Not only did it make the insta profile look more active, it was also used for LAL audience creation for leadgen after.
It has to be mentioned that we divided post and reel promotions into 2 ad sets to spend the budget evenly
[ engagement ]

Time to launch full leadgen campaign

[ leadgen campaign ]

We had every teaser re-sized as 1:1 for feeds and 9:16 for stories reels

[ teasers ]
We had not only static teasers, but also videos and carousels

Before launching advertisement, we set up meta pixel and the events inside it

We faced several difficulties as the website had been written in HTML and installing pixel had taken a while

We mannually assigned form submition to a custom event “lead”
[ meta pixel ]

We built url parametres

We built url parametres that would allow us to track what campaign and teaser the leads are from

meanwhile campaigs, ad sets and ads are named based on content inside
[ url parametres ]

We tested static teasers + carousels and videos in 2 different ad sets

We tested static teasers + carousels and videos in 2 different ad sets that allowed us to get thorough analysis on their performance

We turned off static teasers after 2 weeks
After analysing the crm system, it was clear video and carousel were generating the most qualified leads
[ testing of ideas ]

The first hypothesis we tested was targeting based on interests

[ first hypothesis ]

We launched new campaign

On the second month we launched new campaign that was based on LAL audience

The audience of people similar to ones who’ve engaged with the insta account of the client throughout 90 days.
[ new campaign ]
[ PPC ]

The first problem we met - there was no demand for the product

[ Google Ads ]
  • real estate map
  • houses for sale map
  • homes for sale map
  • real estate agent education
  • real estate broker education
  • broker education
  • tools for brokers
  • interactive brokers user interface
  • interactive brokers tools
  • tool brokers
In this case Google Ads was the best solution to identify the conversional audience
To do so we found similar audience with keywords for completely different services
  • real estate database
  • homes database
  • realtor database
  • commercial real estate database

We decided to launch YouTube campaigns

[ Youtube ]
As the product was new on the market, we decided
to launch Youtube campaigns to promote awareness
But the video that we made was so effective that worked for lead generation. So we got 10+ leads per week from YouTube and CPL 33,69 AED
SuccessfulL and boosted
no results, paused

As a result, we started getting hign-quality leads

[ result ]
We leaded such clients as:
  • Savills real estate
  • White Blossom real estate
  • AX Capital
  • Metropolitan
  • Aeon & Trisl Real Estate

Project results

AED 11 425
AED 57,41
CR in quality:
PPC (1,5 month)
AED 7 900
AED 39
CR in quality:
AED 1 400
AED 28

CR in quality:
61 000
1 300
Accounts engaged:
1 800
New followers:
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
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