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How we got 320 registrations of qualified investors to a webinar for the Investment company in 3 months

Investment company
New clients
Cost per lead
Average bill purchase of investors
The investment company generates value for shareholders by investing in fast-growing companies, earning on dividends from portfolio companies and the sale of assets after their value grows.

Audience request


The Main goal of the advertising campaign was a traffic to the webinar site.
Our customer had advertising on its own with no results and they weren't getting enough conversions from webinars and wasn't recouping marketing costs by attracting potential investors to webinars and having a campaign entry limit of $20,000.

Investment company

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Our strategy for investment company

We've analyzed the target audience and made hypotheses for the first webinar.
We've made edits to the landing page, set up Facebook analytics, and gathered audiences from the client's bases.
We've analyzed the competitors and prepared advertising offers and ads.
We've formed a financial model with projections of the cost of registration and conversion to webinar view.

Why a free webinar is the right sales funnel for finance

[ sales funnel ]
Warming up by newsletter and autocalls for webinar invitation
Don't come
Don't like
Webinar registration

In the financial sector direct sales do not work because there is no trust in the company no confidence in the people who work there, so it is important to use multi-stage sales funnel.
Interested in investments
Come to the webinar
Offline meeting
Active client
Conversions on the site

Examples of ads and landing page

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We've received the following results in three month

New clients
Cost per order
Cost per lead
Average bill purchase of investors
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
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