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How we’ve got more 40 visitors to the opening of the cafe and attracted 805 followers for instagram account in 2 weeks

Nami cafe

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Nami is a cafe of Japanese and European cuisine of the premium segment.

Main goal


The main goal was to promote the opening, provide a steady flow of clients, increase the awareness of the cafe. We needed to attract 40 customers to the opening of the cafe in the first month.
The average bill is $70.

The cafe was about to open when they contacted us

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[ our strategy ]

Our promotion strategy for cafe

In the HoReCa industry, one of the main indicators of a successful business is the LTV (profit, which is brought by the client during the time of working with the establishment, or in simple words - the number of client returns)
How do you make a person want to get to know a new cafe? We focus on the opening of the institution - a private party, where you can get in by invitation, to arouse the interest of potential customers
As a digital agency, we were responsible for not only introducing potential guests to the cafe, but also to stimulate further visits. To do this, it was important to think through quality offers and develop engaging creatives

We kept a record of guests and tracked it in a collaborative table with our customer
To implement the strategy, we launched several objectives in advertising campaigns: Messages, Traffic, and Engagement

Ads Examples

"Messages" in direct

[ Messages ]
We launched a goal: "Messages" in Direct, where a person can get a personal invitation, information about the opening and ask for details about the cafe itself.

Instagram users who live close to the cafe will see an ad in their feed or Stories that focuses on the opening. There's a button below the creative that leads to Direct. When a person clicks on it, they get into a chat where they choose one of three questions. Then he chats with the manager.

In the beginning, we got 44 leads at a cost of $1.70 per conversation


Traffic to the account

We additionally decided to drive traffic to the account, where, along with sending out invitations, we warmed up the audience with contests, informative posts, and photo content with positions from the menu. Having signed up, a person could request an invitation by writing directly to Direct.
In two weeks of advertising, we received 805 subscriptions.

Number of visitors

We exceeded the goal by 2 times in 2 weeks

Convertion rate
Number of followers
Money spent
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Author - Senior Media Buyer
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