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How we’ve earned $188,000 for the embroidered bags online store in 6 months

Online store
Money spent
2 123
Our customer is the company producing velvet handmade bags. The company sells the products with free delivery with the help of their website.

Audience request


The store has used targeted advertising before but it hasn’t paid off.
The were no other paid traffic to the website.
The main goal was to generate quality traffic to the company's website and to bring back ex-customers using retargeting.

Embroidered bags online store

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Our Strategy for online store

We’ve analyzed the target audience and formed hypotheses for the ads.
We've edited the company’s website, set up a Facebook analytics system and created a target audience for the retargeting.
We've analyzed competitors' ads using special services and have formed the unique selling points of the product.

Why product and audience segmentation is the best funnel for online stores?

[ sales funnel ]
Product views
Add to cart
Don’t buy in 30 days
Manual retargeting
Repeat purchase
Website/Instagram visit
Start an order
Manual retargeting
An effective retargeting sales funnel for an e-store consists in personalized ads display. Offer people discounts and promo codes for exactly the products they were looking for on your website. Pay attention to the audience segmentation: viewing the product card, adding to cart, starting an order.
80% of ad budget
Cold audience traffic
Dynamic retargeting

Animated ads examples

[ ADS ]

We’ve increased monthly revenue by 2.9 times and have reduced the CPO to 4$ in 6 months

Money spent
2 123
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
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