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How we've built sales channel and earned $1 911 000 for Reproduction and Genetics Agency

Genetics Agency


Traffic to the client's website increased
11 times
41 595
$1 911 000
Total revenue
Our client is a network of specialized clinics for human reproduction and genetics.

Instagram account totally absent of informative content strategy, feedback or the possibility to consult with a doctor.


The main goal is to make a long-term strategy for account management.

Reproductive and Genetics Center

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Main goal

Our strategy for Center

Development of the rubricator, which diversified the content of the account and adapted it for a mass audience: complex medical topics are served in simple and understandable language.
Monthly professional photo shoots at the clinic have changed the look of the account for the better and filled it with unique content, making the posts rank higher on the smart feed among followers.
Our designers developed the design, which formed the basis of the company's brand book. The developed style was used on all of the client's digital platforms.
Using stock photos doesn't form a unified visual concept and also prevents the smart feed from ranking the posts because the visual is not original.

Lack of real people When selling the services that doctors provide, it is necessary to show specialists to form an idea of who the client might meet when he comes to the clinic.

Lack of a variety of visual format. No videos, photo carousels, etc. The account seems to be empty.

Real photos of the equipment demonstrate the quality and conscientious approach to treatment.

The varied format (interviews with doctors, clique videos) shows that the clinic is ready to communicate with the audience and that it has nothing to hide in front of its followers.

A single color palette in the color of the brand book allows you to associate the account and the clinic as a single unit.

We held live broadcasts and online consultations on Instagram with clinic specialists to increase brand loyaltythrough direct doctor-patient contact.
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Testing different audience settings
In a year and a half of work we created 23 ad sets, on which we tested from 3 to 5 ads.
Our results:
Cost per click to the clinic's website - $0,05
Total reach - over 1 million people.
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Performance results for the client
in 1,5 years

41 595
11 times
Traffic to the client's website increased
Total revenue
Clients received through Instagram with a Bill from $1,150 to $2,900
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
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