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How we gained 50k followers for sportswear store "SportDepo" in 6 months

Increase sales from social networks
UP TO 40 %
Engagement rate
SportDepo - is Russian's largest chain of professional sports equipment.

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We worked with three main directions: football, hockey and martial arts.
This project had its own specifics: highly expert content, the visual had to be built from scratch, a small number of followers.

Sportswear store

[ who are ]
[ tasks ]

The client came to us with tasks

Make creative photo and video shoots
Achieve growth of followers in communities
Turn-key manage six communities in different social networks (Instagram, Facebook)
Increase sales from social networks
Organize competent and fast moderation
Build a content strategy (texts with a professional focus, visuals, creative mechanics, etc.)
[ our strategy ]

The main strategy of social networking - building a community of interests

We give the potential follower/client useful and interesting content, mixing it with sales posts and competent product presentation.
[ audience ]

Main audience

The main audience of the accounts is male athletes, which we took into account when designing the visual. Feature - a lot of design and graphic elements.
[ our strategy ]

For each direction and social network a separate content grid was preparing for the month ahead

The grid contains certain cycles - these include a funnel of 9 posts, product cycles and expert content cycles.
We also constantly updated the rubricator, developing new rubrics and mechanics to increase engagement.

[ our strategy ]

The work on the visual is to develop a unified concept of accounts

We adjusted the current workbook by adding new elements and illustrated new items that needed to be announced as soon as possible.

[ our strategy ]

Fast and high - quality moderation is the key to proper service in social networks

In order to quickly answer complicated professional questions about equipment, a detailed FAQ on the main sections of the site has been created.

In just 6 months we've reached following results

Followers in 6 months
Comments monthly
UP TO 40 %
Increase sales from social networks
Commercial requests per month
Engagement rate
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