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How we attracted 600 leads in 1 month for iPANAC Consulting LLC

[ case ]
Immigration consultancy firm
551 messages
CPL: AED 12.93
General launch.
Testing different audiences to find best one (wide, interests (medicine, travelling, Canada), geo (UAE, Dubai, Abi-Dhabi)
iPANAC Consulting LLC is a leading immigration consultancy firm specializing in Canadian immigration services

Advertising tasks


  • Creating and testing different audiences
  • Identification of target audiencw
  • Identification of the most stable advertising campaigns for stable weekly traffic on requests
  • Attract as many people as possible to attend the event
iPANAC Consulting LLC

[ who are ]

Creating ad banners for event

[ Banners ]

Our promotion funnel

[ strategy ]
Initially, the client came with a request to generate as many applications as possible for an event dedicated to migration to Canada

From the very beginning we chose What’s App Messages - we tested a wide audience, as well as by interests (medicine, travelling, Canada)

We targeted English-speaking and Russian-speaking people

Messages is the fastest way to start communication
direct and what’s app messages requests
answering additional questions
Ticket booking
people who are interested in immigration to canada
refuse of application
non-target lead

Our strategy

[ Strategy ]
At first we targeted the major cities of the UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi, these cities showed high CPM and CPL, so we decided to expand the audience and target the whole UAE - Facebook independently targeted the major cities
  • we lowered the CPL
  • increased the number of leads
Wide audience:
353 leads, CPL 12.53 AED (69% qualified)
Audience by interest:
Medicine - 52 lead, CPL 22.08 AED (80% qualified)
Travelling- 143 leads, CPL 9.57 AED (68% qualified)
Canada - 1 leads, CPL 139.92 AED (0% qualified)
best working audience:
After the Event was over, we decided to continue working on services, so we launched new advertising campaigns in order to find people who want to use legal services .
Since the previous ad campaigns worked very well, we decided to do similar ones and we weren't wrong because the cost per lead stayed about the same, even though it was a commercial offer. We received 00 inquiries with 0% qualification

Our strategy

[ Strategy ]
We also had a small event that the client had only notified us about 5 days before and we needed to run the ads quickly.

However, we still got very good results because the Facebook account was already well optimized and we got 47 leads for only 2.77 AED.
Wide audience:
47 leads, CPL 2.77 AED (64% qualified)
best working audience:

2 months results

qualified leads
AED 12.93
conversion from viewing to sending a reques
AED 18.6
conversion from application to qualified lead
cost per lead
cost per qualified lead
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
We believe in our team
the team do their best
the team do their best
the team do their best
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