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Senior Media Buyer

I have been engaged in targeted advertising for about 4 years, and I have been working at WGG for 2 year and 2 months. I have studied several courses on Digital Marketing, and recently passed an exam and obtained a Digital Marketing specialist certificate from Meta. I have worked on large projects such as one of the largest developers in Batumi (Georgia), a French platform for investing in cryptocurrencies, a beauty salon in Israel, and more. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and doing sports.

Artyom Stennikov

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How we've gained 20k+ followers and got 500+ purchases per month for production of car accessories

Developed: 3 MONTHs
Our client had practically empty social media accounts. They wanted to start attracting customers from social media. The automotive content niche is very competitive, but we have chosen the optimal brand development strategy.

How we've made 8 deals for apartments in Dubai worth up to $400,000 for Real Estate Agency in 3 months

Developed: 3 months
The Real Estate Agency got leads with a price of over $165 by facebook ads and didn't receive any qualified leads. In this project our task we attracted 74 qualified leads from Instagram and Facebook for a luxury residential complex in Dubai in Safa Park.

How we've got 4,000 leads for $4 for braces treatment to the Dental clinic

Developed: 18 months
Our customer is a dental clinic. The main service is braces treatment. Average bill is about $5,000. They didn't use internet marketing, but we were able to rethink their brand and helped them attract 2,500 clients.

How we made $45,000 in two months selling iPhone cases in Lebanon with a $4,000 budget

Developed: 2 months
Our client is an entrepreneur. He has an online store selling cases and accessories for Apple in Lebanon. We helped him not only to set up analytics, but also launched international advertisements that increased our client's profit significantly.

How we received 267 B2B leads worth $4,5 for a Glass factory

Developed: 3 months
We were contacted by the factory "Eva Glass", which specializes in a wide range of glass products such as oil bottles, juice bottles, jars, water bottles and others. Thanks to us, the company will form a base of European businesses that have become their buyers.
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